Thursday, September 12, 2013

Vukmir's Thug

Only in Fitzwalkerstan:
Rostan “started to call me a low-life jerk and (expletives)” in Vukmir’s Capitol office, Bruce Lowrey, co-owner of C. Lowrey Process Service, said in the affidavit. “When I got outside Jason was running after me and he pushed me and knocked me down and threw the paperwork at me and continued to call me all kinds of (vulgar) names.”

Lowrey said he and an employee had tried twice previously to serve Vukmir.

Lowrey’s wife and business partner, Chris Lowrey, said the next day she went to Vukmir’s office to complain.
“One of the guys got rude and snotty and I told him to stop right there,” she told the State Journal. “I told them, ‘You guys are the ones who make the law, and you have to follow it. Be professional.’ ”
In her affidavit she describes Rostan holding his hands behind him while she reached around and touched the papers to his hands — to make the service legal — before leaving the papers on a desk.

“That office hopefully learned a lesson,” Chris Lowrey said. “I’m a Republican, and I was disgusted with their behavior.”
The kerfuffle occurred when the Lowreys were trying to serve Vukmir with a notice of a lawsuit by our friend at The Center For Media and Democracy, who are seeking documents they believe Vukmir received from ALEC.  Vukmir is a top official of ALEC.

Interestingly, they are staying true to their nature by shifting the blame:
Vukmir staff members had been told by the state Department of Justice not to accept service in the case, Rostan said. Department of Justice officials couldn’t be reached Wednesday night. Vukmir didn’t return phone calls or emails seeking her comment.
I can't help but wonder sometimes if the Teapublicans have some sort of secret contest going on to see who can be the most outrageous.  It's hard to believe that a whole group of people could be this willfully ignorant and maleficent.

But hey, at least they weren't singing.


  1. The question we must ask ourself is - WWJBU - Who would Jefferson Beat Up. I am making bracelets as we speak!

    I hope some enterprising young Jimmy olson gets an answer from JB on why they would tell them NOT to accept service in the case. Also the number to call in the DOJ for everyone in the state that gets served to see if they should accept or not.

    I also hope that everyone knows Jason Rostan's name and that he gets prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law! Can we get a mugshot? picture of the Cappo frog marching him?Maybe he can be part of the tour that they give fourth graders every year.

    "And over there children is Jason Rosten, the thug who gets to beat people up if they decided to ask his boss for open records. Let that be a lesson to you children - never question a republican!

    Now focus your attention on the ceiling that painting is Lady Justice..."

  2. "But hey, at least they weren't singing."

    Or driving drunk! Mugshot please.

    1. Oh good one Blaska. Come back when you have something of substance to contribute, because right now you come off as a whiny little (lame) talking point spouting bitch.

  3. Go to your buddies at mediatrackkkers graemes picture is all over that hate site.

    FOr some reason I think they will ignore this story.

    By the way mr. fiscal conservative. No tax dollars go to pay Graemes salary unlike rostans who we pay his salary and his cadillac health care benefits

  4. "Bu bu but what about Graeme Zielinski?????"

  5. To paraphrase Churchill, someday soon Graeme will get it together, go through rehab or whatever, and sober up. In the morning, tomorrow, and the tomorrow and tomorrow after that, for the foreseeable future, Vukmir and Rostan will remain ugly.

  6. By the way, why isn't this story all over the JournalComm media, given that Vukmir is from that area? Are they that afraid/paid off that they don't want to risk upsetting ALEC's "Legislator of the Year"? (and in case you didn't notice, the reason the incident happened is because Vukmir was hiding ALEC documents)

    Hey JournalComm, you can cover more than one scandal at once.

  7. Where are those Capitol police when you need them?

  8. Donut and Koolaid break.

  9. Leah Vukmir disgusts me. She doesn't represent the citizens of her district - she represents herself, ALEC and ALEC's benefactors (Charles and David Koch, etc.) Leah Vukmir lacks character, and I hope more citizens come to understand her true nature.

  10. After ripping the J-S, I will note that they have now caught onto the story and it's on top of the front page. Stay on this one, guys. Just like United Sportsmen, there's a lot lurking below the surface with this one as well.

  11. People say Leah is dating Glenn Grothman.

  12. Old liver lips? (That's what we call him at our house.)