Monday, September 23, 2013

Why Jobs Can Not Be The Main Issue in 2014!


By Jeff Simpson

I get it that we need jobs in Wisconsin.  Heck I am starting a business and truly truly understand how badly the walker/republican economy is hurting WI.   I also understand that scott walker is failing inadequately short of his promised 250,000 jobs promise ---

He never had any chance, or intention of keeping or getting near that promise.   This is something that has to be AN issue in the 2014 Gubernatorial race, but can not be THE issue in the race. 

The Walkerites know they lose badly on this issue, so they are already muddying the water.  Since they have unlimited millions to spend and the dems do not even have a candidate yet.   By the time the election comes, this issue will be way to confusing for the average observer.  

Scott Walker's bosses over at Wisconsin Manufacturers & Commerce have already had a $500,000 ad buy to run this ridiculous ad(what is it about righties and their horrible lack of creativity in TV ads?):

Yes thanks to Governor Walker's policies we are 49 th in the nation in Job Growth and wikll end up wit ha bigger structural deficit than when he took office.  All of which is "lift off to WMC. 

Then this story came out today on JSONLINE

Plans for several manufacturing facilities and distribution centers — including a huge project likely targeting Inc. — are sprouting throughout southeastern Wisconsin because of continued economic growth and a scarcity of modern industrial space.
Most of the development activity is in Kenosha and Waukesha counties. But major projects also are proceeding throughout the Milwaukee metropolitan area.

You will see lots and lots of stories in the next year about all of the plans to "bring jobs" to Wisconsin.  I am sure if someone takes the time to add them up it will be in the hundreds of thousands.     The one main theme across all of them will be "Thanks to Scott Walker" and we need to "stay the course".  

Of course, no one will point out that plans for jobs and actual jobs are two completely different things.  One makes Scott Walker out to be a hero, and the other actually puts food on your table.  

Since we do not have a candidate yet able to get across this message, let's hope that our statewide media becomes more than a stenographer.  


  1. State Democrats don't need a candidate to get this message across yet not one seems able to muster a cohesive media relations strategy. This is and has been for a long time a major failing of the state party.

  2. State Democrats need to take this issue away from Scott Walker. Since when has economic develop and job creation been the exclusive domain of the GOP? The teapublicans give tax cuts, no strings attached forgivable (forgotten?) public loans, and giveaways of public assets in return for a body count of low paying jobs that create greater wealth for the likes of Ron Johnson. Democrats invest in infrastructure, education and training to create high paying decent jobs that expand wealth for many, not just a few.

  3. "He never had any chance", actually it should have been easy and that's why he chose the number. A normal recovery with no political mischief would have yielded that and a little more. But we have not had a normal recovery and much worse the Republicans have done everything they can to make sure jobs stay away.

  4. Thats why he never had a chance. He never showed any interest in doing so