Thursday, September 12, 2013

UW Officials Are Badger Mad!

By Jeff Simpson:

We see this follow up to our story the other day about how Vicki Mckenna hates Capitalism:!

A fake Bucky Badger was spotted this week in the Capitol rotunda...

University of Wisconsin-Madison officials are not amused.

"The logo of Bucky Badger is a federally registered logo. As far as costumes go, they're not available to the public for sale," said Cindy Van Matre, UW-Madison trademark licensing director. "The only actual costumes are the ones the official mascot wears."

The bona fide Bucky is not political!!

If UW Madison is going to be mad when someone dresses up as Bucky, that is really going to blow a hole in my Halloween plans.

Then I figured I only trick or treat at a few houses anyway, who would see me.   So it could not be me they were mad at.  Then I figured it out!

It was this:

Or it could have been this:

 Rep. Marklein, Bucky, Rep. Brooks, and Sen. Tiffany

BOY is Vicki Mckenna going to be mad when she sees this. 

Bucky being political? 

That was unacceptable just two days ago!

On a side not, apparently Robin Vos is asking Bucky to introduce him to his wife. Bucky is on the road quite often and he was going to volunteer to keep Mrs. Badger company

Also, as you can tell by the second pic, republican legislators, are no longe allowed to pose alone with Bucky for safety reasons.  


  1. Vos lured Bucky into the chamber with a trail of popcorn.

    1. Oh-oh. Check Vos's left hand, and that satisfied smile on Bucky's face, and the convenient position of the podium. What really goes on in his private chambers? Only 9 or 10 former and current girlfriends and boyfriends really know.
      Take your hands off our Bucky!!

  2. I didn't get the impression UW-Madison was all that upset, since the press release they put out was generally with a light mood. Sounds like JournalComm is looking for a story to make protestors look bad.

    Of course, the real issue I have with UW and politics is why they allow Bucky to be on hate radio statins like WTMJ and 1310 in Madison which are filled with talk radio hosts that constantly rip the university and city that a lot of us love.


      Thanks for the link! Given the current environment I can see why the UW higher ups might want to make it clear that the Bucky who has been showing up at the Singalong does not represent the University or official University policies or positions in any way, shape or form. On the other hand I appreciate that while they mention unlicensed Bucky costumes being sold over the Internet (a huge violation of the University's intellectual property rights!), they say nothing about having a legal problem with the people who buy or wear those costumes. Just that they stink, but I don't think that anyone can take anyone else to court over that. Halloween is safe!

  3. Before the UW sanitized his image to make him kid-friendly, Bucky Badger was a rough, crude, street-brawling dude who responded to the exhortations of students to "F*** 'em Bucky!" He was never one to shy away from a fight. With all the attacks on the UW, I can't imagine that Bucky wouldn't have his dukes up. Bucky may be a college mascot but he has always been a working-class hero too.

    1. Heck, Bucky used to wear boxing gloves to go along with an angrier face. Real Badgers don't back down, just like the Solidarity Singers.

  4. So, Jeff . . . Bucky takes pictures with lots of different people. I guess politicians are off limits, though, huh? Maybe they're not people (well, at least the Republican ones). And of course, I'm sure you checked and discovered that Bucky refused to take pictures that day with any Dem politicians who may have been present. Oh wait! They were in Illinois!

    1. UGGGG.... why is irony so lost on you righties?

      I dont care who has their picture taken with bucky or what they do with it.

      I was just pointing out the fake outrage and pure hypocrisy the right barks at us on a daily basis.