Friday, September 27, 2013

Elizabeth Coppola for 21st Assembly District

 Elizabeth Coppola for State Assembly

By Jeff Simpson

Elizabeth Coppola is running for the open assembly seat in the 21st district.  This is a very important race, because it gives the people in the 21st a chance to actually be represented in Madison.  

Ms Coppola is running to make a difference in Wisconsin and help turn our economy around, not running to be in office until she can use her position to cash out!  We have had almost three years of republican complete control and while our economy flounders, their pocketbooks have been greatly expanded.    Honadel, whose only "accomplishment" in his time in office, was putting his name on the mining bill that Chris Cline authored(which of course would get him kicked out of any credible university), says he is NOT going to work for GTAC(stay tuned). 

On Tuesday November 19th, the people in the 21st district have a choice.  They can vote to send Elizabeth Coppola to the Assembly to represent Wisconsin or continue with ALEC placeholders.   

Let's make Elizabeth Coppola - Representative Coppola

To do that, she needs YOUR help  

You can donate here(every $5 helps)

She also needs help with doors and this weekend is the perfect weekend to do so.  The Badgers do not play until Saturday night, the Packers have a Bye and the weather will be perfect!   

Everyone in the area can attend this event!!

 Please join Grass Roots at South Shore in supporting Elizabeth Coppola as she kicks off her campaign for the 21st Wisconsin Assembly seat which covers South Milwaukee, Oak Creek, and part of Franklin Wisconsin. The election will be held November 19, 2013.

The kickoff and door to door canvass begins at 10 am this Saturday September 28, 2013 at the UAW Hall 74355 S. Howell Ave, Oak Creek WI. Join Wisconsin State Senators and Assembly Representatives from around the state as we kickoff Elizabeth Coppola's campaign. If you need to come later the UAW will be staffed all day long. For additional information please contact Dale Nook or 414-690-0311.


  1. My first time coming across the blog -- love the name, BTW. Cheers!

  2. Thanks for the article link to Indian Country about Chris Cline. (You'll be shocked to learn Cline made a maximum contribution to Mark Honadel.) Even our brain-dead local media should be interested- after all he's involved with Tiger Woods' ex. That should make him newsworthy!

  3. is she related to francis ford coppola ?

    she is gorgeous !!!!!!!

  4. is she related to francis ford coppola ?

    she is gorgeous !!!!!!!

  5. What is Ms. Coppola's background? Meaning where did she grow up? Rumor has it that she moved into S.M. just prior to registering for this election for the purpose of registering for the election.
    I'm also having problems with her statements on education. We spend way too much money on education that isn't necessary in teaching the three R's.
    Putting more money into a failing system isn't the answer. So, what is her rationale?

  6. Where did Ms. Coppola grow up? Rumor is she moved into S.M. just prior to registering as a candidate. Did she move into our district to run? Some are saying this is the case. Also, we need to know why she thinks putting more money into education that fails to teach the three R's will make it better. Personally, I think we waste a great deal of tax dollars on unnecessary educational aides that do nothing more than gather dust. While I waited for info at the Polls on Tuesday, I stood outside the school lunch room watching and listening to the children eat lunch. Believe me it was not quiet dining it was loud and chaotic. Why are the schools allowing children to talk loudly with their mouths full and not pay attention to the task at hand, eating? No wonder my grandchildren don't know how to behave at family dinners and need to be removed from the table. Yes, I fully understand the idea that the kids need a time to be themselves and recess is very short but the lunch room at school, an educational institution is not the place to engage in loud mob behavior like social interaction.

    1. This is spam right? your kidding right?

    2. Now the schools are to teach your grandchildren how to behave? Is that right? Today I brought in a bag of clothes fro one of my students. Dresses, boots, snow pants...Even in her poverty she knows how to behave herself. Sorry but if your grandkids are naughty you and the parents are to blame not the teachers..I'm curious - what R do manners fall under?