Thursday, September 5, 2013

Assembly WISGOP Pick Drunken, Gun-Toting Misogynist As Their Leader

Boy, but WISGOP really knows how to pick their leaders.

They have Scott Walker, the only sitting governor to have had a legal defense cooperation fund.  Walker has also been shown to be, without reasonable doubt, to have been running his campaign through the Milwaukee County Courthouse, using county staff and equipment and money for his illegal politicking.  And who could forget the infamous fake-Koch phone call?

We have Scott Fitzgerald with his insatiable avarice for money and his very special friend/fundraiser.

There is Robin Vos, who's lust for money is a pale comparison for his lust for married women (other than his own wife).

Now that Scott Suder has slinked off to collect his thirty pieces of silver, WISGOP has outdone themselves again by electing State Representative Bill Kramer (R-Walkersha) to be their Assembly majority leader.

Two paragraphs from the Green Bay Press Gazette does a good job of giving us a glimpse of the kind of
clown prince WISGOP has running the assembly majority:
But he also displayed a testiness bordering on anger over the frequent protests and interruptions from spectators in the gallery, including during the marathon 61-hour filibuster over the collective bargaining bill in 2011. Kramer was a strict enforcer of Assembly rules barring signs, cameras, clapping or other outbursts.

Kramer also said he sometimes carries a concealed handgun onto the floor of the Assembly for his own personal safety.
Yup, Little Big Man Kramer is so afraid that someone might take a picture of his bad side that he won't allow cameras in the gallery, but has no problem packing heat. The fact that he is allowed to have a gun at all, much less conceal carry, is alarming given his general state of inebriation.

The Press Gazette also has another one of his greater moments:
Kramer was the only lawmaker who applauded a line in Democratic Gov. Jim Doyle’s 2007 budget address mentioning that oil companies had made record profits. Doyle was using the line as part of his reason to raise taxes on the companies, but Kramer said profits were the state’s economic lifeblood.
Oh, the greed is strong in this one!

But the real juicy stuff comes from, which gave some very interesting points from the debate on who should be the new majority leader, Kramer or Dean Knudson from Hudson.  Knudson supporter Chris Kapenga (not to be confused with Dale Kooyenga or Captain Kangaroo), leveled some strong charges against Kramer (bold lettering theirs; italics and asterisks mine):
-- Assembly Republicans today elected Rep. Bill Kramer to be the next majority leader despite Rep. Chris Kapenga accusing his GOP colleague of displaying a pattern of inappropriate behavior that made him unfit to hold the No. 2 spot in the chamber.

Kapenga, R-Delafield, made the allegation while giving one of the two nominating speeches for Rep. Dean Knudson for the post. He also charged there was an incident at an American Legislative Exchange Council event last month in Chicago. But he did not provide details in his speech and declined to provide specifics when he was approached by a reporter following the vote.

Kramer, R-Waukesha, shrugged off the allegation, which sent a ripple through the room ahead of today’s vote, saying “Things get said in a campaign.”

“I have heard that something happened at ALEC, and everybody I’ve talked to said they heard something inappropriate happened at ALEC,” Kramer said. “I haven’t run into anybody that saw something inappropriate happen at ALEC.*  Apparently, I had a pretty good time. What that means, I have no idea because the night in question, I was home early.”

Kramer acknowledged concerns about his sense of humor before his selection as speaker pro tempore, a spot he gave up to run for majority leader after Rep. Scott Suder left the post to take a job at the PSC. But Kramer said he proved he could be respectful on the floor and planned to do the same in his new role.


-- In his nominating speech for Knudson, Kapenga said he has been to numerous events with Kramer stemming from their time in the Waukesha County GOP and said he has noticed a “behavior pattern that is prevalent at every event I can remember.”

He then went on to reference the alleged ALEC incident, saying both Kramer and Knudson were there and “one represented well. One did not represent well.”

“That cannot happen ever,” Kapenga said. “We can’t have sexual innuendos. We can’t have bad language in the public.** I don’t have any concerns with Dean. I don’t. None. I do have those concerns with Bill.”

After the vote, Knudson called for the caucus to come together.

He said “in campaigns things are said and when it’s all done, we need to come together and be a team.”

Knudson expressed confidence in Kramer working with Speaker Robin Vos, R-Rochester, on the GOP agenda of limited government, lower taxes and more prosperity.

“I would just like to say that I think as far as we go forward as a team with his leadership, I have a lot of confidence in Bill and so I thank you,” Knudson said. “He’s been tenacious as a campaigner, tenacious. And you know he’s going to fight as hard as that on behalf of each and every one of us.”
Kramers love of alcoholic beverages isn't exactly classified information. Two years ago, Blue Cheddar shared this with us, showing what a straight up lush Kramer is:
2:33 mark – Miles recognizes a sloshy Represenative Kramer and calls to him with a megaphone. Bill Kramer is from conservative Waukesha and serves the 97th Assembly district. Arthur then does a brief interview with Kramer asking.

“How do you justify the extraordinary session for the redistricting?”

“When was the last time we were in extraordinary session before the budget process?”

and lastly

“Are you drunk sir?”

Kramer’s response is “”Ebberry redistericting is done ‘strawordary sessyun.”"”
Boy, aren't those just the qualities that everyone looks for in their leaders: Greed; misogyny; perversion; dishonesty; cowardice; bullying; and stupid enough to be a Faux Newz fan.

*Isn't everything about ALEC inappropriate?

**Former Sheboygan Mayor Bob Ryan must really being kicking himself now, wondering where he went wrong form the usual Republican path to greatness.


  1. Shameful. Kudos to Kapenga for trying to be the voice of reason.

    I'd like to remind everyone, too, that it was only a few months ago that Kramer followed up Gary Hebl's excellent speech on the Assembly floor by saying how lucky we are we don't live in a democracy:

    His contempt for the public and the democratic process is an affront to all of us.

  2. Kramer is a royal d-bag. Probably the most unprofessional person I've run across in a position of authority. But, that's about where the repugs are at these days. If you want to see Bill in all his glory go to the Nice Ash bar in DT Waukesha on a weekend. Get there early because he might be drooling on the bar after about 9:00.

  3. most republican leaders are as bad as Kramer. the only thing they can do is prey on the ignorance of people.that and outside money is what gets them elected.