Sunday, September 8, 2013

The Tea Party Is All Wet

In Racine a bunch of "Patriots"(We all know what the Southern Poverty Law Center had to say about "patriot" groups), got together to show us .....ummmm.....well......something anyway -

It's time we blew off some steam. Let's visually remind people of the MANY scandals, lack of leadership and failed/failing policies of the Obama administration. We can't let them sweep it under the rug. Bring a sign pointing to the truth about...Benghazi, real unemployment numbers, looming Obamacare, IRS etc...

There are those who have forgotten or are not very much aware due to the failure of the mainstream media. It's part of our mission to keep people informed.

These 15 people mean Business(official count from Macgyver is near 3000).    

In case you want to compare/contrast - this is what was happening in Madison @ Fighting Bob Fest at the same time -

FIGHTING BOB 15-09072013175301.jpg

Jus Sayin!   


  1. As the Baggers say. They look like a bunch of hippie welfare suckers ! ALL overweight as well. What a proud group. Very proud !

    1. How about your fat old ladies with no teeth.

  2. New bagger campaign strikes back at Michele Obamma! "Fried on a stick is too a food group!"

  3. Is the guy on the right, donned in a yellow rain jacket, urinating in public?

  4. I just got an auto blast email from teabagger Sean Duffy in which he says: "...and I will BARE it in mind when I vote on the resolution this coming week."


    Guess that's what happens when teabaggers are "ejumacated" in religious TAXPAYER-funded schools.

  5. These folks are the ones you see in Emergency Rooms with NO insurance, who don't pay their medical bills...and the rest of us who take "personal responsibility" end up with higher insurance premiums as a result.

    I say, FORCE them to take personal responsibility with ObamaCare. Either they buy health insurance or penalize the crap out of 'em!!!