Sunday, September 8, 2013

Because You Cannot Have Too Many Right Wing Propaganda Groups

Move over, MacIver!

Make tracks, Media Trackers!

See ya, Charlie Sykes! Take your White Wisconsin and just start walking!

There is a new powerhouse among the right wing propagandists!

This group is call "Wisconsin Election Watch."

Upon visiting the site, one can immediately tell it is anything but an objective or honest news service, with such stories as "Those big bad unions want to take their rights back."

It even gets better when you look at the staff of this group.

The "brains" behind this group is Kyle Maichle.  Maichle's bio from the group reads:
Kyle Maichle is the Editor and Project Manager of Wisconsin Election Watch. Kyle brings considerable political, research, and writing experience. After serving as an intern and College Programs Coordinator for AFP-Wisconsin, he first started his professional career with the Lucy Burns Institute in 2008 working as a Content Editor for Judgepedia and Ballotpedia. In the same year, Kyle was transferred to the Chicago-based Sam Adams Alliance working as the full-time writer for Judgepedia. While with Sam Adams, he wrote content centered towards federal judges and covered the 2009 Wisconsin State Supreme Court election. In July 2009, Kyle was transferred back to the Lucy Burns Institute becoming their Technical Researcher and Writer for Ballotpedia. During his second tenure with the Lucy Burns Institute, he assisted Ballotpedia’s reporting team in producing content regarding local and statewide elections along with writing on state legislatures and issues not covered by traditional media. In 2011, Kyle became a full-time consultant for various campaigns and organizations for over two years.

A native of Appleton, Kyle is a 2005 graduate of Madison Area Technical College with a Associate’s Degree in Liberal Studies along with a 2008 graduate of the University of Wisconsin-Madison’s School of Human Ecology in Consumer Science. Outside of work, Kyle is an avid runner along with being a fan of the Packers, Badgers, Brewers, and the the Stanley Cup Champion Chicago Blackhawks.
The way that he was bounced around in such a short time, it's pretty obvious that Maichle doesn't play well with others and no one wanted him except the Kochs, who appreciate cheap labor.  I'm just a little surprised he didn't list his man-love videos for Scott Walker or being named AFP's Blogger of the Year.

To further demonstrate that this group is not to be taken with any degree of seriousness is Maichle's LinkedIn profile showing that even while he is the editor and project manager of this front group, he is still running his own political consultation and strategy group.  They even cite Maichle's strategy group for photos and such.

Adding to the ridiculousness of it all is when one looks at their top reporter, Kevin "Comics Book Guy" Binversie.  His bio for the site also shows that he seems to have a hard time keeping a job for long:
Kevin Binversie is a Freelance Writer for Wisconsin Election Watch. A native of Calumet County, Binversie has been heavily involved in Wisconsin’s political scene. Before joining Wisconsin Election Watch, he was a resident commentator for Wisconsin Reporter. Also, Binversie has worked in research and field capacities for US Senate and gubernatorial campaigns. In addition, he has also held positions with the Heritage Foundation and the US Department of Housing and Urban Development. Kevin is a 2002 graduate of the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire.
Some of Binversie's greatest hits, when he wasn't working hard to become the Koch Brother's cabana boy, was joking about death wishes for elected officials, issuing homophobic slurs and admitting he is prone to peer pressure by twenty-somethings.  And yes, he is available, ladies!

But these guys are serious.  They even have their own Facebook page.

It should be noted that there is apparently one thing they are not willing to report on - who's funding their propagandizing.  I wonder who could it be - the Kochs?  The Bradley Foundation?  Sam Adams Alliance? All three?

I would end with a request that the gentle reader keep their eyes open.  If you see anything cited in the media that is based on this group, call them out on it.  And then let us know so we can call them out on it too.


  1. I appreciate the links in your blogs, but it's starting to get a little annoying to have to click on no less than 13 to understand the article. Just trying to be helpful.

    1. I like the way this blog is set up. If all the info was in one long blog I would lose interest long before the end. This way I can pick and choose.

    2. Anon7:14, the links give you an option. You can choose to click on them or you can choose to continue reading.

  2. Wow, AFP Blogger of the Year. That's about as worthy as being named Burger King.

  3. Interesting that there never seems to be a shortage of funds available for wingnut welfare like this, but to pay people another $1 an hour? Now that's just a bridge too far, and unaffordable.

  4. WEW?!?!? That's quite an acronym...

  5. I hate him too. Let's vote to take his money.