Monday, September 16, 2013

Red Meat List

By Jeff Simpson

We recently brought you the story of how private schools are not scared to cheat to get the results they want.  It was especially apparent with former Indiana Superintendent of Education Tony Bennett.   His cooked books, made him a hero on the right in terms of education "reforms".  

When he was voted out of office in Indiana, Rick Scott immediately hired him to ruin their schools, where he was shortly disgraced and forced to resign there also.  

Well Mr. Bennett is back in the news, it seems he was working on more than just Indiana's education system while in office.

  With just a few clicks, staffers in former school Superintendent  Tony Bennett 's office made one of the Indiana Republican Party's most valuable tools a public document — free to anyone.

The master fundraising list is extensive, containing contact information for thousands of Republicans from grassroots supporters and precinct committee leaders to top-dollar lobbyists and donors. Cellphones, personal emails and other valuable notes are included in the spreadsheet, two versions of which were found on Department of Education servers.

The fundraising lists, campaign emails and more than 100 "campaign calls" entries on Bennett's calendar were obtained by The Associated Press through multiple public records requests last week.

News of the documents led Democrats to call for an investigation. Inspector General David Thomas confirmed he is investigating Bennett, but declined to provide details of the investigation's focus.

Whether Bennett and his staff broke any laws will be a question for investigators and local prosecutors. But it's clear they left valuable information on state-owned computers.

Among the files were two downloaded from the GOP's Salesforce database, one dubbed the "Indiana Republican Party's Red Meat List"; another includes an entry titled "Mitch's 'Red Meat' List." The database is a crucial element of any campaign, as demonstrated last year when party leaders launched an investigation into whether then-Senate candidate  Richard Mourdock 's campaign wrongly downloaded information.

Hmmm A high level elected official, shirking his job duties to campaign on state taxpayer time.

There appears to be a pattern here!  

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