Monday, September 30, 2013

Secret To Success

By Jeff Simpson

H/T Political Capital who shows us a sure fire secret to success - Get away from Robin Vos

Speaking of Vos and Michelle Litjens, Samantha Vos is a student at Concordia University School of Law, in Boise, Idaho.

Robin Vos tends to leave things in ruins ...good for Samantha for getting out from under Robin Vos' suffocating incompetence.   From illegal voting to future lawyer.   Kudos!    

Imagine how much better as a state, Wisconsin will be when we are able to do the same!   


  1. Can she be her own divorce attorney in Idaho? In Wisconsin? Is she still getting her health insurance as Rep Vos's wife?
    We note the irony in the pronunciation of Mrs Vos's new state: "I da Hoe", although that moniker is more appropriate for future governor Vos's new (it's been a 2-4 year affair) 'Christian' concubine. Who da hoe?

  2. Vos makes my skin crawl . . . for the life of me, I don't understand how anyone would be attracted to him. Yuck!