Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Vicky McKenna Hates Capitalism

By Jeff Simpson

Today, someone(I really have no idea who, nor do I really care) showed up at the noon time Solidarity Singalong dressed as Bucky Badger.    (H/T Lisa Wells for the photo)

Yes Bucky just wants to "Let Freedom Sing".   Now it  does not take a rocket scientist to figure out that it is a fake Bucky.   Anyone who has had even a passing interest in the University of Wisconsin - Madison or Badger Athletics could tell in a matter of seconds.   My ten year old son figured it out from seeing it on my computer screen a few feet away!

However, no one will ever describe Vicki Mckenna and her followers as rocket scientists.  Heck no one will ever accuse her of telling the truth either, but thats another blog! So of course the righties thought it was real:

Nope Ms. Vicky and her loyal followers all had what could best be described as a Conniption fit

Now the small Government, free market fiscal conservatives want to end Halloween?   They want the corporations to be able to dictate where and when you can wear the products that you purchase or what you make of materials you buy?   why of course they do if it fits their political purpose!

Halloween is now a $7 BILLION business and the righties are trying to end it because someone dressed up as Bucky Badger and sang in the Capitol.      

Look Out Sesame Street, if Chief Erwin ever finds his way there:

In Scott Walker's never ending quest to raise money for his presidential run and spend as much time and taxpayer money that he has not been to Las Vegas yet:


I can see the Capitol Police charging these two wanted thugs now.   I also wonder if Vicki Mckenna has ever attended Comic Con? If so, she would probably be there trying to get Kevin Binversie arrested:

 Yes people in America have been dressing up in costumes for years, many of them home made, and now Vicki Mckenna and her minions have a problem with it?  

Apparently not everyone can wrap themselves in the Flag....

Vicki McKenna "refuses to tolerate any kind of dissent, period."             

We know that if Vicki Pyzinski is anything, she is consistent.  She would not tolerate anyone dressing up at "tea parties"  

Like I always say, when they show us their true colors, we should pay attention!  


  1. Well then......Time to arrest the GOP clowns in Madison for Impersonating an Elected Official!

  2. Klan and Teas should unite.