Monday, September 23, 2013

Scott Walker - Cupid!

By Jeff Simpson

We all know that Scott Walker is desperate and has been losing ground lately.   I do not want to be accused as being perpetual naysayers, so I want to congratulate Scott Walker on something he has been amazingly successful at -  Matchmaking!

Let's start out with our distinguished Speaker of the Assembly.   He met the love of his life (or the moment) RIGHT on the assembly floor.  He met and clicked with fellow family values republican Michelle Litjens!  Litjens quit the legislature to "spend more time with her family".  Michelle misled us at the time, because we assumed she meant her husband and children, when in reality she meant spend more time with Samantha Vos's family!

Why let little things like marriages and children get in the way of true love.


The loving doesnt stop there....plenty more where that came from.

The next up is Governor Walker's hire for Secretary of Department of Health Services Dennis Smith.  We published his story here at CogDis in a two parter ----  Part one here and part two here

See a quick run down of the story is Dennis Smith used his sweet state job to bring his unqualified high school crush here to work, also in a sweet state job, reporting to him, so he could get what he has been after for years.....her.   They just ran into one problem.   Her husband. 

Her husband, Andrew Spear, found out and unfortunately freaked out.  Knowing your wife of many years is having an affair with her boss is not an easy thing to handle.    There were also some other extenuating circumstances(that are in the two part series that I will not rehash here) that led to a perfect storm.  While Mr. Spear admits that he did over react, that is big news to find out and he did not handle it the best.   He also does not have a history of abuse and took a lot of blame to shield his wife. 

Anyway, Mr. Spear originally had a bad blow up with Mrs. Spear that resulted in many false charges and
some jail time.   The problem that Mr. Spear also ran into is Dennis Smith was a weasel in a different class.   One that he was not prepared to handle.   See Dennis Smith was able to use the over reaction to his advantage and force the focus away from the affair he was having to Mr. Spear's emotional state and Mr Spear was eaten alive by it.

See Dennis Smith denied the affair, using a press release and staff paid for by the WI taxpayer, where he flat out denied any affair.  Unfortunately for Mr. Spear, Dennis Smith's own wife and children and the Wisconsin taxpayers, Dennis Smith was lying.

Not very long after CogDis broke this story,  and shortly after Smith vehemently denied the affair, Mr. Smith turned tail and ran out of town.   Smith took a job with the Washington D.C. Law firm of Mckenna, Long & Aldrich(which apparently has the same lack of qualifications in hiring lawyers as Michael, Best & Friederich, but thats another blog). 

The Judge in the case,  Judge William E. Hanrahan, confirmed what we at COGDIS had told you.  There was an affair and yet another of the Walker inner circle was lying to us

At a hearing on June 12, in discussing a request from Brian Brophy, the attorney for Mr. Spear, for discovery of potentially exculpatory evidence showing an affair had occurred, Hanrahan said this wasn’t necessary.

“It’s very bizarre that you would come to court asking the court to turn over information that might tend to suggest that she (Mary Spears) was actually having an extramarital affair when he (Andrew Spears) already knew it, as evidenced by the letters that were in the provider’s files sent by your client,” Hanrahan noted. “I think any objective, reasonable person, upon reading the e-mails that he furnished, would not have such a hard time believing it.”
Scott Walker has oroven, that if you will help advance his presidential ambitions,  he will gladly open up the Wisconsin taxpayer check book to you.   Smith was able to use the cover of two Wisconsin government jobs, unlimited use of WI taxpayer funded cell phones, computers, buildings and countless expenses to carry on an affair with his lifelong crush.  Mrs. Spear however, had a 20+ year solid marriage so Smith needed to to bring out the big guns to close this deal:

After Democrats took over the White House in 2008, Smith became an activist for the Heritage Foundation on health care, writing a piece urging states to drop out of Medicaid. He became a high profile hire for Walker, who brought Smith on in January 2011 as Health Services Secretary. Smith quickly became the point man for Walker in resisting Obamacare in Wisconsin, and was known nationally as a state official who could be depended on to criticize Obamacare.

But Smith meanwhile made contact with an old friend he had known since grade school, Mary Spear. While she had worked as a lawyer in years past, there is no evidence she had a job at the time Smith hired her as his chief legal counsel in January 2012.  A lawyer with the Department of Health Services told the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel there was no other candidate for the job, but Smith claimed he contacted other candidates, without naming any names. Within just eight months of her hiring, their affair had gotten to the point that their revealing emails were discovered by Andrew Spear, precipitating his misdemeanor battery against his wife.

At the June 12 hearing for Andrew Spear, Brophy noted that “at some point in time Mr. Spear saw… e-mails between Ms. Spear and her father talking about going to Washington should candidate Romney have won the election.” The implication is that Smith would have returned to Washington D.C. if Mitt Romney won the 2012 presidential election, and Mary Spear would have joined him.

Of course that didn’t happen, but Smith ended up moving anyway after the Spear scandal heated up. He now serves as managing director of the DC office of McKenna Long & Aldridge. As for Mary Spear, she is divorcing Andrew and a source tells me her condo in Madison now looks un-lived in. The rumor mill has it that she now spends much of her time in our nation’s capitol.
Anyone who truly thought that the Romney/Ryan ticket had a chance of winning the White House, truly was vulnerable.  Apparently, causing tens of thousands of people to lose their healthcare is not a big enough of a thrill.   Dennis Smith preyed upon his direct report Mary Spear's vulnerability, and his position of power, to get laid, all on our dime.    Something he should be proud to explain to his wife and kids. 

Then of course everyone knows that since the Governor has been in power, Scott Fitzgerald has been seen everywhere with his main funraiser. Scott Fitz has been having so much fun that he pulled out his 80's wayfarers.

You would think that since Fitzgerald's wife is a teacher, and  we know how little they work, that he would not have time to be hanging out with random younger blondes.   I guess he is good at multi-tasking.    Getting paid $88/day  just to drive to work, sure helps also in this depressed Wisconsin economy!

One of these things is NOT like the other!  

Heck with all of this love in the air, even Scott Walker is feeling it. 

When you are filled with such charisma and charm .....what do you expect? 

However, probably the biggest success that Scott Walker has had,  has been with Scott Suder.   I  am not talking about Suder's debacle at United Sportsmen and subsequent 88% raise.  I am talking about what Scott Walker has done for Suder's love life.    Scott Suder has not needed Christian Schneider to write a column, calling his ex-girlfriend a slut for a while.  

It appears that breaking unions, destroying the middle class and taking choice away from women makes these studs, irresistible! 


  1. During a recent conversation about Scott Suder, a friend in the legislature used the phrase "notorious for whoring around" in conjunction with the location "Inn on the Park". For those unfamiliar with Madison, The Inn on the Park is located directly across the street from the Capitol and is a place in which you can find a drunken Republican almost any hour of the day, if you are in need of one, as many prostitutes apparently are.

  2. Litjens was the up and coming young, attractive conservative all-star who was willing to buck the party leaders. Now the Christian concubine for a still-married speaker willing to....

    1. Did you mean to say young, attractive conservative all-star who was willing to f... the party leaders?

    2. I said buck.... ;- )
      I'm sure she honored her core Christian values and her responsibility to her family while they were both married, and still does since the Speaker still is. After all she is a mother with two teenage children that look to her to learn how they should live their lives. I don't believe bloggers who say she is a concubine in Sun Prairie. She was better than that.
      It can't be as bad as it looks.

  3. How much money do I have to donate to the cause to get a cute young Republican hottie to keep a bed warm for me in Madison? Are these jobs counted in Governor Walker's 250,000 promise?

  4. It definitely adds a new layer to my theory that WisGOPs are one giant, incestuous family. EWWWWW!

  5. Yes, Wisconsin Republicans are a truly disgusting bunch on every level whether it's policy or personal. I can't think why the idiots vote for them don't figure out that if you have to screech out your supposed morality at every stump speech, you probably don't possess any. Morality is a quiet choice to live your life with dignity, kindness and honesty.

  6. Pretty much one big F#$% story in state government since Scott Walker took possession of the whore mansion in Maple Bluff.