Thursday, September 12, 2013

Our Media Needs Your Help!

By Jeff Simpson

Our friend Blue Cheddar, pointed out that now that we have gory details on the incompetence, lack of ethics and morals of the Wisconsin republican party, in the United Sportsman debacle,  the mainstream media is doing their best to whitewash the story!

Like this gem from the Wisconsin State Journal:

Or this one from WMTV TV 15 in Madison :

Ok Coggies, this is where the media needs OUR help. They obviously have a headline writer who has no idea whats happening in Wisconsin.

Help them out:

YOU write the headline for the United Sportsman story:



  1. The same headline was up on WEAU in Eau Claire. I have a screen shot.

  2. yes Blue Cheddar pointed that out. The love affair by our media of scott walker is in full blum!

    Which is why they need help writing their headlines!

  3. Walker’s veto of sportsmen grant saved $500,000 for Walker lobbyists

  4. Walker veto removed federal oversight, allowed Loch front group to keep taxpayer dollars.

  5. Walker vetoes Sportsmen grant after Republican cronyism exposed.

  6. To the person who got the WEAU screen shot: thanks for getting that and mentioning it. I'll have time to comb the net some more this afternoon or tonight and get a more complete picture of how far this spread. :)

  7. More than a public education grant, it's also a Gravy Train!

  8. Call 'em as we see 'em headlines:

    "Governor Walker Makes Chicken Salad out of Chicken Shit"

    "Scotts of a Feather Stick Together...Until Caught Stealing"

    "Suder Caught Poaching $500,000"

    "Unsavory Suder Thrown Under Bus by Governor"

    "Republicans Face $28 million Fine for Poaching Sportman's Funds"

  9. Do You Still Think This Man Should Be Governor?

  10. Here is a good one from Chippewa Falls WI:

    Scott Walker veto aided controversial United Sportsmen group … #wiunion