Monday, September 16, 2013

NO To Scott Suder

By Jeff Simpson

Scott Walker vows 'we'll act' on public assistance fraud:


"There's a number of things from the stories we've seen and from other things that have come up since then we'll act on," Walker said when questioned at an unrelated event in Milwaukee last week....

Walker declined to disclose details about how he plans to tackle the issue other than to say changes would be rolled out.

I have the perfect way for Governor Walker to prove he is serious about cracking down on public assistance fraud and being a watchdog for Wisconsin taxpayer money!

Don't hire Scott Suder!

In an interview, Fitzgerald confirmed what other lawmakers such as Assembly Speaker Robin Vos (R-Rochester) are openly acknowledging — that the grant was pushed heavily by former Assembly Majority Leader Scott Suder (R-Abbotsford), who is any day expected to take a political appointment in Gov. Scott Walker's administration with a still undecided salary that could be $107,000 annually — more than twice his pay of $49,943 a year as a lawmaker.

As the May 13 letter shows, Fitzgerald said he understood that the grant was aimed at United Sportsmen, contradicting a past statement by Suder that the grant was meant to be competitive and wasn't being steered to one group.

"This was one item among a slew of items that we were dealing with at the end" of the budget, Fitzgerald said. "When we started horsetrading items back and forth, the Assembly had a list of things and Scott Suder — this was his thing and I think he'd be proud to say it was."
 Not appointing Scott Suder to cushy state job(after he orchestrated such a dirty deal) at double his old income would truly send a message to the people of Wisconsin that you do care about the budget and their tax dollars.  

Going forward with the appointment would send the EXACT opposite message.  It would show that the Governor has no interest in saving Wisconsin taxpayer's money.  That anyone who would be in such a hurry to reward his friends with that much taxpayer money, and in the process almost cost the state $30 million dollars, does not deserve a promotion.

To go forward with this appointment, would send the message that the Governor  is a placeholder to make sure the GOP establishment get taken care of and services and budget be dammed. 

So Governor Walker, which one will it be?

Call/email the Governor and tell him NO to any appointment for Scott Suder

Office of Governor Scott Walker
115 East Capitol
Madison, WI 53702

(608) 266-1212

@scottkwalker  and/or @govwalker   

More on Scott Suder's forgettable career here


  1. walker learned nothing from the john doe, which revealed that he gave tim russell the job of handling funds for veterans after being fired from aprevious job for misusing a state credit card.

  2. perhaps suder will be able to work in his new job under the huber law.

  3. Who is this "WE" that Scott Walker is always talking about?

  4. Another excellent commentary on Suder at the top of this page. Along with many great and informative articles about G-Tac and the new feudal master of the Penokee Mts., the Open Pit Over-Lord, Chris Cline:


    Here's an excerpt of Christian Schneider writing anonymously as pseudonym Dennis York-- about the couple on the couch...urging we "do the math" and conclude Lyndee Wall was promiscuous:

    Maybe the most notable crime against democracy occurred on November 30th of 2000 when the police were called to investigate Ms. Wall drunkenly trying to kick in window at Ken’s Bar near the Capitol after she found out her boyfriend, a Republican state legislator, was cheating on her. The relationship with the legislator reportedly ended in April of 2001, right about the time Wall decided to go public with the legislature's dirty laundry. (She apparently got over the relationship fairly quickly, seeing as how she now has a 3 year old son - do the math.)

    1. Ty for that. I have not been paying attention to politics for that long.

      I am amazed that schneider was a woman hating hack for that long. How does he live with himself?

      Thanks for the link!

    2. Thank you for this link.

      Christian Schneider is totally full of it. He claims to be “purple,” as in falling in between Republicans and Democrats, yet he is nothing more than a Republican hack. He works for the Wisconsin Policy Research Institute, which claims to be “non-partisan,” but it is actually a Republican think tank. The Wisconsin Policy Research Institute has ties to the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) through Wisconsin state senator Leah Vukmir, who is an ALEC board member.

      Lies, lies and damned lies make up the souls of Christian Schneider and Wisconsin Republicans.

  6. Scott Suder is an arrogant, above the law, and everything wrong with a government bureaucrat appointee. You are not getting a loyal boot licker with Suder. He is not about doing the job, he is about doing best for Scott Suder. The republican legislators know what I am talking about. The surly sonofabitch does not deserve consideration for dog catcher. He will let the dogs out and screw the pooch at the same time. Really, would you put this guy in charge of anything important and pay him real money to do it?