Thursday, September 5, 2013

He's Back

George Allen Wrench

By Jeff Simpson

A while ago, we exposed gnatsie Benjamin Riche as a fake profile troll on facebook going by the completely unoriginal name Allen Wrench.  As the Gnatsie's do when they get exposed to the light, they run like cowards and "allen wrench" disappeared.  

Proving two rules about the Gnatsies, they have absolutely no lives and they do not have any creativity between them, Benjamin Riche is back trolling for a friend to talk to. 

This time as George Allen Wrench.  

Ben, baby, I still recommend a vacation.   Pay for it, you NEED it

PS:  Leave the  "I love Scott Walker" apparel at home, even the ladies at Chicken ranch have limits!   


  1. Jeff I think you owe your entire blog's existence to these knot people you are constantly writing about. It would seem they have achieved their goal of keeping you off the real issues and on them...:)

  2. Gosh. That was pretty brutal. If I were a gnatzi troll, After reading that, I'd be whimpering in the corner and planning some major changes in my life!

  3. Hi Jeffypoo. Will you chastise the obviously left leaning "anonymous" for knot using their real names? Or are you just your atypical liberal hypocrite? Also, will you publish my comment? No foul language has been used. My guess is no.

  4. Jeff, I think that he is taunting you.

  5. Major changes like doing pushups to ditch their pear shapes instead of all the deep kneebends before their messiah Walker? Yes!

  6. That's one creepy freak. Eesh.