Monday, September 2, 2013

Gregory Humphrey, Author Of Caffeinated Politics, Wrote A Book. You Should Buy It.

Gregory Humphrey, the blogger of Caffeinated Politics, has written a book, Walking Up The Ramp.  Here is an excerpt from his announcement:
While writing Walking Up The Ramp Gregory Humphrey often reflected on the words President Nixon said upon leaving the White House in 1974.  “Nobody will ever write a book, probably, about my Mother.”  Nixon could have said the same about his Dad.
Humphrey has constructed homage to his parents, a moving and sentimental journey in book form not meant to provide a detailed genealogical history but rather the story of their lives.  The book underscores how Royce and Geneva Humphrey provided a solid foundation on how to live life, and instilled bedrock values aimed to last a lifetime for their son.
As Humphrey turned fifty he decided to write on various aspects of life and synthesize them into a narrative that combines stories of laughter and also heartache.
“When I was a kid Dad would drive me every Friday night to the local library, where I found so much comfort in the books,” Humphrey said.  “Books were a real refuge for me.  After I left home Mom said given what I enjoyed I should write a book someday.”
Gregory's book is available on

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