Monday, September 9, 2013

Caption This!

Yes, this is a picture of New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, GOP head honcho Reince Priebus and Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones:

No, I do not know if this means that Priebus has given up on his two BFFs Paul Ryan and Scott Walker.

And yes, the answer of Two And A Half Men has already been given from whence I stole the picture.


  1. Look at those BUTTS!!! And its not the ladies Priebus is not looking at!

  2. Christie at least could have a reason to be at the game, since the Giants play in New Jersey. Why the hell is Reince showing up there? No real Wisconsinite would want to be associated with Jerry Jones and South America's team.

    And in typical Republican fashion, Jones's stadium was built with a ton of tax dollars after lobbying state and local politicians

  3. check and see how big the check jerry jones writes now to the republican party...thats why he was there

  4. Kind of funny how Reince is taking a back seat to Christie. Shows just how much clout he really has.