Monday, September 9, 2013

Jessie For Assembly

Not all political campaigns are created equal.  Some are better than others.

Whatever you think of the man or his policies, an objective, honest person would have to admit that President Barack Obama had run two very effective campaigns.

Likewise, there are people like Scott Kenneth Noble who would be able to campaign their way out of a paper bag even if they had a map.

There is another campaign, although only days old, that is showing that it could be one of the worst campaigns if it doesn't prove to be too forgettable.

The candidate is Jessie Rodriguez, the wife of Milwaukee Journal Sentinel blargher Aaron Rodriguez, aka The Red Fox, Hispanicon and A-Rod. (Not to be confused with the PED-using ball player - the local A-Rod could never hit one out of the park, no matter what).  Jessie is running for Assembly District 21, whose seat is being vacated by the retiring Mark Honadel who was snubbed by Scott Walker but still wants his slice of the pie and thus is going into lobbying or something.

So even as she hits the ground running, she is disadvantaged with the craziness of her husband.  Aaron Rodriguez has such claims to fame as:

Unfortunately for Jessie, it looks like she might be using her husband as her campaign manager.

If one looks at her Facebook campaign page, the first thing one might notice is that it's rather stark:

Click to embiggen
The second thing one might notice is that it doesn't even give her last name.  How is anyone supposed to know who she is. Thirdly, the page is missing any "paid for by" information.  Who is running her campaign? No one knows.

If you check her "About" page, one will find that it also doesn't include the "paid for by" information.  But it does show she's as whackadoodle as her husband:

Again, click to embiggen
Yes, she really said that the state was moving in the right direction on job creation and education.  

On the bright side, she's already gotten the support of such winners like Dan Sebring, whose running for the umpteenth time against Congresswoman Gwen Moore and Chris Abele's very own personally bought and paid for supervisor, Deanna "Purple Unicorns" Alexander.

After several minutes of searching, I did manage to find Jessie's campaign website, which is most definitely not ready for prime time yet:

Now, as I've stated at the beginning, this campaign is only a few days old, but with her loadstone of a husband and the apparent lack of knowledge of whoever is running her campaign, I hope she hasn't gotten her sights set too high for this campaign.

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