Monday, September 9, 2013

The Walker Agenda Is Still Working! Part CXCVI

Remember how Scott Walker and his Teapublican friends deregulated businesses, saying that all those safety requirements were job killers and that businesses would be able to police themselves?

They might have been on to something, judging from this story:
An Illinois-based company has been fined more than $185,000 after a worker was severely burned at a Wisconsin plant where five people have been killed since 2008.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration announced the fines Thursday against Packaging Corp. of America. PCA makes cardboard and paper boxes.

OSHA says a PCA worker was severely burned in March while trying to light a steam boiler in a paper mill in Tomahawk. OSHA says the company should have prevented the ignition of flammable vapors and given workers proper safety equipment.

A message left at the company's headquarters in Lake Forest, Ill., was not immediately returned.

Five workers were killed at the plant in the past five years. Three died in a 2008 explosion and two were fatally burned by ash last year.
Yuppers! Keep killing ans seriously injuring your workers and you keep creating new job openings for someone else - at least for as long as they last.


  1. And you missed the Wisconsin logging company that got fined $600K for not having the proper fire prevention up to snuff. Which ended up being a problem when a forest fire broke out and burned 47 buildings and thousands of acres in Douglas County.

    If you think the cost of regulation is high, compare it to the cost of negligence, and imagine if these guys couldn't have been fined for their lack of action.

    1. Didn't forget. Just didn't get that far yet.