Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Scott Kenneth Noble's Troubled and Troubling Campaign

Now that Scott Suder has been given his thirty pieces of silver for betraying the citizens of Wisconsin and has vacated his seat in the state senate to further do the biddings of his corporate overlords, that leaves his seat wide open for a special election.

To the best of my knowledge, there are three Republicans running to replace him, even though no formal announcement has been made.

Well, that's not exactly right.

There are two Republicans and one really troubled and troubling Teapublican.

That Teapublican is Scott Kenneth Noble.

The gentle reader might recall Noble from last year when he ran unsuccessfully against State Senator Julie Lassa.  One of the reasons he was so unsuccessful was that he had the slob Glenn Grothman endorsing him - while drinking in a bar.  Or it could be he was one of those idiots that wanted to go through the illegal act of nullification of Obamacare.  Poor people - especially them minorities - getting health care is against all he believes in or something like that.

Or maybe he lost on account of his boorish and rude behavior, as told in this eyewitness account (the person's name shall remain anonymous for fear of retaliation):
Well, the chair of the Wautoma school Board had organized the forum, but he has better known for his job as the Waushara County Sheriff. The moderator of the event was Guy Dutcher, who was better known as Circuit Court Judge Dutcher
In the middle of the forum Scott Noble started attacking Julie Lassa and he was told by the moderator/Judge to stop. Then Scott Noble started arguing with the judge. For a while I thought we might see Noble get arrested because he was a furious deep red and kept yelling at the judge.

Judge Dutcher was not going to let that go and he finally read Noble the riot act. Noble realized that he could get in real trouble with Dutcher so he finally shut up and sat down.

Afterwards, Noble was also rude beyond belief and refused to shake hands.
After losing to Lassa, Noble went back on the campaign trail, this time running for the local school board.  If you have a strong stomach and a strong mind and a half hour of your life you don't care how badly it gets wasted, you can watch this interview of Noble, where even the interviewers (one of which is a former professor of Noble's) making him look like a chump.

He came in a distant third in that race.

But now Noble wants to run for Suder's seat. He's already got himself a campaign manager as noted from this email:
Hey Patriot,

I'm in, that's right i'm [sic] all in!

You might have heard that Representative Scott Suder has announced he will be taking a position with the Public Service Commission?

What this means is that his Assembly seat will be up for a special election very shortly.

A very good friend of mine, Scott Noble called me up and asked me to be his Campaign Manager!

I must say it is a great honor to be asked by a man that has fought along side me in the fight for liberty and freedom.

Scott Noble is a grassroots Tea Party Liberty Republican if there ever was one. He is exactly what you and I are looking for in the legislature.

And we must get him elected, this is the best opportunity you and I will have to get a Liberty Republican elected in Wisconsin.

The problem though is that two establishment Republicans have already announced for this race.

This means that at a minimum this will be a three way primary but there are rumors of another candidate which would make it a four way.

If you and I are going to win this race we are going to need to raise enough money to run the type of campaign that it will take to win.

Now, I have the plan laid out but I need you to help me execute it.

Can I count on you? Will you click here right now to chip in $5 or $10 to help us win this campaign? $500 is the legal maximum.

The establishment candidates will be pulling in donations from their big wig supporters I am sure.

Our campaign will rely on grassroots supporters like you to win.

I know that if we come together from around the state we will win, but only if we come together.

Please dig deep, then click here to donate as much as you can.

This is the chance you and I have been looking for. A chance to elect a Liberty Republican to the Assembly.

Scott Noble will fight for you to ensure your freedom and your prosperity are protected.

Help Scott go to Madison to fight for you and the values that make this a great state and a great nation.

Freedom is a Noble Pursuit

In Liberty,

Todd Welch

Campaign Manager
Noble Campaign Committee

P.S. If there ever has been a time to give for Liberty the time is now. Opportunities like this do not come along every day. Click here right now to chip in $5, $10, or more to help me elect Scott Noble."

An interesting thing about Scott Noble is that in the last 7 months hes managed to lose a ton of weight
I wondered who Todd Welch was and found out quickly.

Welch is the head of the Wisconsin chapter of a group called "Campaign for Liberty".

And that is where Noble's problems start.  The problem is not just that Campaign for Liberty is an extremist right wing/Libertarian teahadist group or that Welch is so whackadoodle that even the Republicans don't want him around.  The real problem is that it is a 501(c)4.  Welch shouldn't be involved in a campaign if he is part of 501(c)4.  This is an abuse of the groups tax-exempt status, much like it is with MacIver, Media Trackers and the other propagandist groups.

But that's not all of Noble's problems.  Not by a long shot.

If you look at Noble's website:

or his Facebook page:

You will notice that neither site has the required "paid for by [fill in the blank]" wording that is required.  In other words, who's paying for the sites?

Now some wingnut might try to make the argument that all of these issues are just some misunderstanding, but that is doubtful considering he had gotten slammed for accepting illegal campaign donations at the end of 2012.

I'm not sure which is worse - his outlandish attitude towards the law or his outlandish attitude towards the people.

Either way, we know one thing - Scott Kenneth Noble is not fit for office in any way, shape or form.


  1. Noble's temper and hot-headedness caused him to lose his alderman's job in Marshfield as well. It's well known here in Marshfield that he is a venerable hot-head.

    The guy doesn't like following campaign laws either. When he was running for the school board, he used the same signs he had for running against Lassa, and when he was spanked for that, he had his people go out and put electrical tape over the portion of the sign that denoted them as being for his senate campaign.

    He's a real piece of work.

  2. Democrats need to recruit a strong candidate in both of the upcoming state assembly special elections in Wisconsin. Scott Noble is corrupt and crazy.

  3. I'm beginning to think that with respect to GOP candidates, it's prudent to be most suspicious of any candidate whose first name is "Scott." We've had Scotts Jensen, Fitzgerald, Suder, Walker and no doubt others I've thankfully already forgotten. "Scott" as in scot-free of ethics, common sense and compassion. No mas, por favor.

  4. As someone who says he supports education, where in the world did he learn how to write?

  5. Took me a few days to zoom in on his website pic and then compare it to his Walker promo pic. What happened? He seems to have lost 150 pounds between pictures. Either he wants everyone to think he is a lean corporate looking candidate or he was on The Biggest Loser show? Perfect venue for this guy.