Monday, September 2, 2013

Trollidarity Squawkalong - Knot So Fast - With A Special Guest Troll!

For a while now, both Jeff and I have written about the pack of cyber-trolls that call themselves "Knot my Wisconsin."  These cowardly trolls have been trying to bully people around and has been consistently trying to put limits on people's right of free speech by filing false complaints and getting their Facebook accounts suspended.

I got my permit!
As one might imagine, people have been getting sick and tired of their boorish ways and have started fighting back.  The one way of countering these trolls which they hate the most is exposing them to the light of day.  And that has started to happen, both as a group and on individual trolls.

Now they have tried to come out into the real world, but this has not been very successful for them.  One might surmise that they have gotten so used to being trolls and feeling free to be as vulgar as they want to be behind their shrouds of anonymity and pseudonymity that they can no longer behave like humans and can not effectively cope in the real world.

Their latest venture was on Labor Day, when one of them took out an all day permit for the Capitol, following in the clawprints of fellow troll, David Blaska.  As one might suspect, this was a rather spectacular fail on their part.

Witnesses report that there was, at the most, fifteen people there at any given time, making the permit unnecessary.  And the people that did show up were the knotzies.  For the most part, they simply wandered around aimlessly and laid on things.  They did try to muster up for a few songs, but it turned out that not only could they not carry a tune, none of them could spell B-I-N-G-O or do the alphabet song without an adult to write it down.

Here are some photos taken of their adventures today:

Joanna Langworthy

Matt Lepperd in the blue t-shirt,
David Blaska in the baby puke yellow sweater

The crowd.  The woman in the gray shirt
was the only one to stand there all day.
Obviously, she had to save everyone's spot.
And it was no wonder that they had drawn such a crowd with their very special guest troll, er, star!

Yes, that is none other than squawker and Camp Randall ruffian Vicki McKenna, aka Vicki Pyzysnki.  Please note how she is proudly wearing her "Fear Knot" label.

I'm just wondering why David Blaska, McKenna or the Knotzies aren't bragging about this "event."  It's not really a secret that they are pathetic.

Addendum: Jeff Simpson has more on McThugga and her troll peer group.


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  2. ALA Bette Davis with apologies....What a Dump(BITCH)

  3. Sorry, Anonymous 11:38, but there is some language I just can't allow on here.

  4. Matt Lepperd looks like he is pushing 600# Guess that is what happens when you sit on FB all day to harass,intimidate,stalk and bully.What a pig...he is disgusting inside and out. No wonder his wife is divorcing him..LMAO! What a fat,miserable loser~ Good luck getting laid loser!

  5. Maybe Matt can hook up with the Booze Hag Icky Vicki?

  6. "Wolf on back, snake on chest."

  7. Not too much to write about these days, Jeff? Our country is falling to pieces and you are having a temper-tantrum over a lanyard? Yikes! Might be time to take a breath and try to get a grip on reality.

  8. Its always fun to hear about the mentally challenged Knotzies!

  9. I dont know why 8 people showing up top sing at the Capitol is news....i guess the only thing of interest would be to see how horribly dressed Blaska was with a sweater and long sleeve shirt on a 80+ degree day....WTH

  10. Tantrum over a Lanyard. Yup. Pretty much sums it!

  11. Fear Knot? guess they can't spell "Unintimidated'..meh.