Monday, September 9, 2013

MJS Editorial Board Contradicts Itself To Push Corporate Agenda

As I just discussed, Milwaukee County Emperor Chris Abele is trying to force through a pig in a poke of a transit deal.  The only winner in this deal would be the profiteers in Texas that would drain Milwaukee County's transit system of all its money without providing the services they had promised.

Unsurprisingly, the editorial board at the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel are supporting this malfeasance, even though they admit that the whole thing stinks.

What is remarkable is that they use logic so circular that they come around a full 360 and contradict themselves.

When they argue why the current company, Milwaukee Transport Services, shouldn't have their contract renewed, they offer this:
MV's critics argue that a non-profit model is better for transit service because no profits are taken out of the system; dollars saved through efficiencies can be plowed back into service. Except that's not quite the case now — the County Board has a say in how to use those savings.
Now look at what they offer has proof that MV Transportation should get the contract:
Abele's spokesman said a contract with MV would hold the company to performance standards on things such as management and routes, and there would be an incentive to exceed those standards. Any savings would be put back into service. 
That sounds promising, and supervisors should approach this potential deal with open minds. 
Do these people even think before they regurgitate Abele's talking points?!  How in the world would it be that the County Board could interfere with any savings from MTS but not MVT?  Things would have to be the same for either company, unless Abele is planning on trying to slip a special clause in their contract.  \

More likely, Abele is once again lying to try to get his way and the corporate media is gobbling it up and spreading it around like gospel truth.

Is it really any wonder that their circulation is dropping, especially when the want to charge $190 per year for this crap?

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