Monday, October 15, 2012

Jason Thompson Represents!

Capper wrote about Jason Thompson's racist remark at a republican fundraiser this weekend.  It was so disgusting that it made national media in a matter of hours!  

This morning, a press release "apology" was released from the Tommy Thompson campaign. 

In a statement, Thompson's campaign said the 38-year-old son apologized for saying something he should not have. Jason Thompson is an attorney and has represented his father's campaign at some events.

So Jason Thompson was not man enough or competent enough to get in front of a camera and actually apologize in person, he needed a PR person to write it and release it for him.   

While we know the racial overtones that were intended in this and the whole racism in the Mitt Romney for President campaign.  That is old news and with us everyday.  The questions we have to ask are:

1.  Since Jason Thompson is a lawyer employed by Michael, Best & Friedrich, are his views representative of the whole firm?   I have not seen a statement from them yet. 

2.  If Jason Thompson can not even et in front of the camera's and apologize in person or Tommy Thompson can not address this in person, is that a professional or a US Senate Candidate that you would want representing you?


  1. Congrats to MB&F for distancing themselves from Jason Thompson:

    "Over the weekend, one of our attorneys and the son of Senatorial candidate Tommy Thompson made a regrettable comment at a campaign event for his father," said the statement from the Milwaukee-based firm. "We want to make it clear that the comment made at the campaign event in no way reflects the views, beliefs or values of Michael Best & Friedrich."

  2. Beyond the sensationalist aspects of this issue, the longer term effect is that this seriously reinforces the idea that state Republicans here in WI run in a VERY tight-knit pack. A very very tight-knit pack. They have their own rules and view of law. And it is often not "the law of the land".
    Previously, it would not have been household knowledge that Thompson's son is one of the MB&F Klan. Now, it is. No one can hardly pretend anymore that this is just a normal law firm.
    There are regular lawyers, and there are mob lawyers. There are regular law firms, composed of individuals of varying skills and moral fiber, firms that have varying degrees of loyalty to the Rule of law or to the Lure of Money...and then there's Michael Best and Friedrich. Issuing statements about the "views, beliefs or values of Michael Best & Friedrich" has become (to use Atty Lingo) moot. An exercise in the ridiculous.
    People on both sides of the aisle are clearly aware of this firm's penchant. Some will approve, some will not. But the mask is off, for good.