Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Mitt Romney's Beliefs

Mitt Romney believes women belong in a binder, not the boardroom.

And, when did he suddenly believe in women being able to obtain contraception? Mitt Romney does not believe in abortion or birth control. He's been very vocal in cutting funding for Planned Parenthood. His running mate, Paul Ryan, wrote a "Personhood" bill that seeks to give rapists legal rights to take their victims to court to bar them from obtaining an abortion. Can we get more extreme than that? He does not trust women to make their own health care decisions. Romney does not believe in equal pay. He doesn't believe that women have equal rights in the workplace.

Mitt Romney does not believe in keeping jobs in America. His record as a businessman, which he loves to talk about, PROVES he is in China's best interest, not our own. He doesn't believe in American workers, American ingenuity or American integrity. He will sell us to the highest bidder.

Mitt Romney has some wild thoughts on gun control. Starting out by talking about having kids after you're married, doesn't address the problem. He was actively seeking the endorsement of the NRA and panders to their extreme gun agenda.

Mitt Romney does not believe in affordable education. He seeks to CUT Pell Grants, and double interest on student loans. He doesn't support teacher's unions and he seeks to cut federal funding for public education.

Mitt Romney's tax plan would add upwards of $5 trillion dollars to the deficit. Tax cuts are not free. Someone has to pay for them. Those handing over the credit card would be those most hurt by his economic policies - the 99%.

Mitt Romney says he's going to fight for the middle class, but we know that his true belief is that we are nothing but entitled moochers. 47% of Americans. You know, working class families, veterans, the disabled, the elderly, students. All whiny suckers of the government teat.

Mitt Romney says he would make it easier for immigrants to come here legally. We know this just is not true. He wants to make the situation for immigrants so awful that they "self deport" themselves back to their home countries. His immigration adviser wrote the racist Arizona bill that the GOP loves.

Mitt Romney thinks he's different from George. W. Bush. But in reality, Romney would be EXACTLY like Bush, if not even worse.

Mitt Romney believes Ronald Reagan was an economic demi-god. The truth is that Reagan was a terrible president. He raised taxes 6 out of the 8 years he was president. The economy was awful under his watch. And let's not forget he allowed terrorists to obtain weapons. He allowed men, women and children to get slaughtered in Columbia. He wanted to escalate the Cold War to a fever pitch. Star Wars anyone?

Mitt Romney believes in letting big oil companies run the show. He has no interest in investing in green energy. He wants to stick an oil well on every piece of land. He would never end corporate welfare for them. He would rather see the earth melt before letting any of his oil overlords lose any money.

But above everything, Mitt Romney is a rich oligarch who wants to keep the working class down, and the wealthy and elite up. He wants to sell America's soul to China. He looks at us with dollar signs in his eyes. He is everything America should never be. 1% of the people can't represent 99% of the people. President Obama is who America needs. A change of control of congress is what America needs. We need peace, freedom and equality. America can't survive under a Romney administration. Consider this on November 6th!


  1. Romney was bragging about how he had so many women in his cabinet, but there was not one woman in an executive slot at Bain during his reign there.

  2. Nope! Not a one!! Unbelievable!