Sunday, October 7, 2012

Mitt Loves Wars. Just Not Fighting In Them

Once upon a time, America entered into a war with Vietnam. The war was not popular. America began drafting young men to send to Vietnam. In enters Mitt Romney. A child of privilege. A strong supporter of the war. Thought it was wonderful. But young Mitt decided that, instead of joining the military to fight in the war he so much loved, he would run off to spread Mormonism to the French...yeah I know.

Now, I'm no supporter of the war in Vietnam. It was costly, both in money and lives. I am however, a supporter of the young men who had no choice in whether or not they were going to fight in it. They had to go. They didn't have the money to get out of it. They weren't lucky enough to have the right connections. And you know what happened to a lot of those young men when they came home? They never were able to recover. According to the National Coalition for the Homeless, Vietnam veterans comprise of 47% of all homeless veterans. That's a staggering number. What would a Romney/Ryan administration do for these people? Absolutely nothing. In fact, we know that Ryan's budget plan cuts so much from social programs, that it would increase the number of homeless veterans. President Obama and Vice President Biden are the only presidential ticket on November's ballot who have been putting veterans issues front and center. They don't just talk a good game - they put their ideas into motion. Michelle Obama and Jill Biden have been working tirelessly with members of the military and their families to help ease the transition from soldier to civilian a little bit easier.

Do you know what's nice about being a rich person? You get to support wars, sometimes you even get to make money off of them. You get to talk about how much you love the troops. You welcome them home from the wars you wanted, but you nor your children have to actually participate in them.You don't have to go off to distant lands far away from your family. What Mitt Romney did was cowardly. He talks about his support for veterans (except they weren't important enough to mention in his acceptance speech at the GOP clown show) but refused to become one. So, please don't be fooled by Mitt Romney. He couldn't care less about veterans or veteran's issues. He's put money and privilege above supporting our country and those who gave everything to defend her.

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