Thursday, October 4, 2012

MItt's Family Values

I have always said that on those rare occasions when politicians(especially republicans), tell us the truth, that we should listen to them. Last night in the first debate, there was actually a time when Mitt was honest with us.  It did not happen often but it did happen once!

As a father, one of the main things that my wife and I preach to our children, is that they must ALWAYS tell the truth. No matter what happens or what they did, they have to tell us the truth at all times. No exceptions.

That being said, during this whole campaign season and all words said, this 30 seconds was THE most telling 30 seconds of the year.

Mitt Romney actually said he is used to someone saying the same lie over and over again because he has 5 sons and they all lie.

What kind of family values have Mitt and Ann bestowed upon their sons?


  1. It think you are "correct" to note this horror of a moment. But I do not think you nailed the essence of it. it isn't that he "is a bad father because he teaches his kids to lie" which is kind of a partisan "gotcha" type of spin way of going. it is that he, a Dad, stood up in front of 60 million people, and humiliated his sons and disparaged their characters. Just to make a very small point to some idiot in a debate.
    What he was saying was? "My sons are crap, cunning little liars, and not just once in a while, but it's their default state. AND I'M TOO SMART TO BE SUCKED IN, and I'm too smart now too." He established his sons as the benchmark of calculated dishonesty in front of the entire planet. And they walked off the stage with him afterwards, hugging him. That IS a display of weird Family Values. I felt kind of sickened by that, like when you see a "sick moment" between a creeper and their victim on Law and Order SVU
    I would never and I mean never dis' my kids like that for nuthin'. If treating your kids with dignity at all times isn't sacred, then what is. I am not just finding fault here because I'm "a partisan" which I'm not. I was stunned at how shitty that was vis a vis his kids.
    Whatever happens here in this election, or happens with his subsequent jobs etc, or even whatever happens between Romney and his wife - you are a parent forever, those kids will be there in his life (even as adults in their own homes) at the "end of the day" when he's done wheelin and dealin, Bainin' and Caymanin'.
    But he was okay with throwing his sons under the Fatherly Bus to make a fleeting, cheesey hit on Obama, a hit that sailed PAST Obama and landed right on his own boys.
    WHAT a bastard.
    If I was

    1. You aren't Ann. I think she probably would have done the same thing herself. It is probably a case of the ends justifying the means. I do not believe that she will criticize Mitt for this.

      I also think that the 'children lie' was one of Mitt's zingers. Mitt is essentially calling the President both a liar, and a child, in comparing them to his sons. The ultimate level of dysfunction with this statement would be if the sons knew in advance that it was going to be said. I think they probably did.

  2. I also noticed this comment about his kids. I think it is a strange comment. It shows a lack of trust and it would've made more sense if he meant that his kids asked him for things repeatedly. Instead he says they lie or lied repeatedly.
    I don't consider myself to be the perfect parent, but, if my kids are lying, I can tell. Then, I confront them and they stop immediately and usually apologize. I don't have to do anything special to get them to do this.
    I can't imagine my husband saying this about our kids either.

    I really don't go for the idea that kids lie all the time, so I have to presume he was trying to "dis" Obama.

  3. The saying, "Like father, like son" also comes to mind.

    1. Confusious say long time ago: "Tree which produce rotten fruit all the time, causes much confusion for the clueless. Cause of problem not fruits, cause of problem is tree.

  4. Yeah. I caught that, too. Mitt expects his kids to lie to him...all the time. Just as we have come to expect Mitt (and Republicans) to lie to voters...all the time.