Monday, October 8, 2012

Paul Ryan - Stop With the Questions!

That Paul Ryan is such a nice guy.   Such a nice Midwestern boy, who says please and thank you, and will talk to anyone.   Just ask a long time republican Ted Kanavas:

"Paul is an accessible person who you can walk up to and talk to," said Ted Kanavas, a former state senator who represented Ryan's hometown of Janesville, Wis. "That's the Paul we know and that's the Paul we're sharing with the country."****
 **** Some exceptions apply!

Not applicable to reporters who ask questions that you did not approve:

Or constituents who ask him questions, that do not pony up BIG MONEY$$$!

Or ask Paul Ryan an economics question:

Or any progressive who might want to ask a question.

Or be elderly or in poverty in the US:

Or be a in the Armed Service, especially a General:

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

Or be a Christian!

Other than those selected groups, Paul Ryan (R- Wall St.) loves everyone!


  1. This is why I'm anticipating Joe Biden humiliating this fraud on Thursday. Look at that lame answer to the question of gun crime- nothing but talking points.

    As someone said on the MHP show this weekend "Paul Ryan's had to deal with something he hasn't for 12 years- follow-up questions." If that isn't a damning statement about the Wisconsin media, nothing is.

    1. The only side with something to lose on Thursday is the GOP ticket.

      If Biden doesn't do so well, it doesn't matter so much because he isn't President and Obama's health isn't questioned.

      But if Ryan goes down in flames, as its symbol doing so would represent the failure of the entirety of GOP economics.

  2. I know it sounds utterly crazy, but I'm starting to think that Paul Ryan is a demon or something, or is at least possessed by one.

    Whenever Paul Ryan talks I just get these unsettling violent urges and I want to just beat the daylights out of this guy. This isn't a blanket reaction that I have to everyone I disagree with, mind you, and it kind of scares me. Sure, Romney and Walker and their sort all make me angry, but it's a "make some critical posts on Facebook" kind of angry, not a "punch them in the face until they no longer have a face to punch" kind of angry.