Thursday, October 4, 2012

The Republicans' Slow But Steady Downward Spiral

With just over 30 days out from Election Day, the Republicans are already in a spin mode that is often associated with the downward spiral that happens just before the crash and burn mode kicks in.

And it's happening on all levels.

On the state level, Tanya Lohr has gotten Glenn Grothman all flustered. He's in such a panic that he sent out a sloppy email begging for help. And in a move that makes this old man's eyes twinkle in pleasure, Lohr deftly used his own words against him in her own email blast:
Dear Volunteer,

We've finally flushed Glenn Grothman out from hiding! He couldn't ignore the strong presence of our campaign any longer. In fact, in the fundraising letter he just sent out he stated, "While she failed to get the signatures, a strong grassroots network was established which is now out to get me in the general election."

That's you! You're the strong grassroots network that formed! But now that he's taking our campaign seriously, it's time to step it up a notch and meet the challenge that's coming.

We need to double our number of one on one voter contacts. This is the most effective method of campaigning, especially in a campaign like ours. Voters want to vote for the person, not necessarily for the party, but they have to know about the people running in order to make that choice. Please look at the shifts below and sign up for at least one!

Glenn Grothman also stated in his letter "You have all seen the blue Lohr signs throughout the district". He's noticed our signs. So have voters. It's time to double that impact. If you, or someone you know, would like to add to the blue wave of signs, please contact Andy Kougl at 262-365-9060 or via email and we will have a sign in your lawn within a couple of days.

Finally, Glenn Grothman states "I must raise money to respond. We need more signs. We need literature to combat the lies and we need money for advertising." The attacks are coming. I need to be in a position to respond. Please consider making a donation to our campaign so that our voices can be heard loud and clear over the racket he's going to try to make. Donations can be sent to Lohr for Senate, 1410 Lee Avenue, West Bend, WI 53090 or through ActBlue.

Thank you for your support. Together, we can bring change to Senate District 20!

In Strength,

Then, after listening to the right wing tell us how screwed up and biased the Franklin poll was last week, showing that the tide had turned in favor of Tammy Baldwin, the new poll came out on Wednesday. Squawkers like Charlie Sykes and his shadow, Jeff Wagner, kept telling us how this week the polls would revert back to Tommy Thompson's favor, just because he's, well, Tommy the Teahadist now.

But when the polls came out, they're arguments went flat.

With Thompson seemingly unable to decide between running on a self-destructing platform or avoiding even his supporters lest he has to answer some uncomfortable questions about his past or about his finances, he hasn't got much to show for the million dollars that the Koch Brothers have spent on advertising for him.

Like Lohr, Baldwin did not hesitate to take full advantage of the news:
“This is the ninth poll that shows Wisconsin voters understand the choice in this election and that our campaign is moving in the right direction while Tommy Thompson faces a huge challenge trying to change the fundamental dynamics of this race. Tammy Baldwin is running to be a voice for the middle class – not another voice for the powerful. She has taken on powerful interests on behalf of Wisconsin’s middle class while Tommy Thompson has taken on powerful interests – as clients at his lobbying firm in Washington.

“This poll shows that Tammy Baldwin has maintained her lead while Thompson and powerful special interests in Washington have spent over $3 million attacking us since the last Marquette poll just two weeks. Thompson is clearly facing problems about his record of cashing in on his connections in Washington and his plan to put the wealthy ahead of hard working middle class families. As the poll showed, only 41% of voters believe that Thompson cares about them and only 38% have a favorable opinion of him. This poll makes clear Thompson’s problems are settling in with voters because they know he is not for Wisconsin anymore. Heading into the home stretch, we are on the ballot with President Obama, who is also in a strong position, while Thompson shares not only the ballot, but also many of the same problems that Mitt Romney does.”

- John Kraus, Communications Director
Adding to their misery, the same poll showed that President Barack Obama had an 11 point lead over Mitt Romney.

Now I did not have a chance to see the first presidential debate, but fortunately for us, Meg did an excellent job covering it.

I did have the chance to hear a few minutes on the radio. What I got to hear was Romney sounding smug and scared at the same time as he talked about wanting to kill Big Bird and Grandma.

Most of the reviews that I've seen exclaim their surprise at how much Romney was lying his ass off. Perhaps the best summary I've seen so far comes from Chicago Sun Times, which stated that "Romney won on style, Obama on facts."

Or in other words, Obama practiced forensics, Romney relived his adolescence.

In other words, despite his aggressiveness and his zingers, Romney only managed to perpetuate the Republican tailspin.


  1. Were there any zingers?

  2. "Zinger" apparently is a republican code word for lie or at the very least out and out clear bullshit.

    My guess is Romney won't feel much like a winner when everyone of his flip flops show up in ads and he is called on them one by one over and over.

    Even his base is not going to be happy when they try to digest the BS he fed the the viewers.

    He is either really really stupid or arrogant beyond belief to think that what he said in the debate isn't on tape AND WILL come back to haunt him.

    Remember the 47% comments. That was tape. Tape with his own words. Tape with his truthful thoughts. Look what it did.

    Tape with lie after lie with a full on face view of him saying it.

    To "borrow" a quote from Elizabeth Barrett Browning
    How do I love the lies. Let me count the ways.

    Get out the popcorn.