Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Thomas Paine - Common Sense

Thomas Paine has been my hero ever since I read "Thomas Paine and the Promise of America, by Harvey Kaye"(which I highly recommend to everyone) where I learned how important Paine was to the Founding of our country.   

Then, when the billionaire sponsored tea party came into being, they whored out the memory of Thomas Paine, with some Bozo named Bob.   Paine spent his life in America fighting the tories and they hated him!    To think that he would have approved anything the modern day "tea party" believed in, shows that they had no idea what he was saying in his pamphlet - "Common Sense".  

Here is Thomas Paine today setting the record straight!   H/T The Thomas Paine Society!


  1. I know that it is a little long to watch and not everyone has time but I wanted to show a couple things.

    1. when the founders talked welfare, they meant welfare, a tax to make sure that the poorest amongst us get help.

    2. He talked about how important it is to maintain our democracy by holding regular elections AND having the candidates ACTUALLY meet the people who they wanted to vote for them.

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