Sunday, October 7, 2012

Thompson's Got More Than Money Problems

It's been noted that Tommy Thompson has been absent from the campaign trail and is hardly running any ads. Pundits have put this on the fact that Thompson's campaign doesn't have a lot of cash left after a grueling primary. In fact, Scott Walker and Mark Neumann have both sent out email blasts in an effort to raise funds for him. And in the near future, Paul Ryan will be making one of his rare public appearances to help raise funds for Thompson's campaign. Betcha it ain't gonna be anywhere near the $2.8 million he raised to bolster the ticket he's dragging down, like Romney really need any help doing that.

But Thompson is going to need more help than just money.

Reminiscent of the Great Twit-Off between Walker and Neumann, Thompson has taken to desperation and is begging people to like his Facebook page:

Thompson is currently sitting at 19,578 "likes." If you subtract reporters and lefty bloggers looking for fodder, that number would probably drop to about 17,500. And if you take out paid Koch/ALEC employees and campaign staff, he might, just might, still be in double digits.

This is not surprising, since we know that he started out unpopular and has been losing ground ever since, as it becomes more obvious that he is not really interested in being the people's senator.

And for what it's worth, Tammy Baldwin is currently at 27,626, showing she is far above Thompson in more ways than one.

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  1. Having money problems is a BIG problem for Tommy, since he figures they could just buy the election through advertising. Thompson's campaign really has nothing to say, no rational ideas; he just figured that magical Tommy Thompson name would be enough for voters. The thing is, he's a washed-up has-been.
    The first debate was all about attacking Tammy Baldwin--the rage of his expression on TV was all people needed to know where he was coming from--yet claiming Tammy Baldwin was attacking him! Tammy Baldwin has been sticking with the issues at hand, and she should continue to insist that Tommy release his tax returns.
    Thompson's campaign has since sunk like a lead balloon. I'm sure his rage has increased, especially because his campaign always was about his personal vanity.
    The next debates on October 18th and 26th should be very entertaining.