Monday, October 1, 2012

Vos Voter Fraud Case Goes To Racine DA

About a week ago, Jeff Simpson told you more than you probably ever wanted to know about Robin Vos.

Among the fact that Jeff shared was that Vos' estranged wife, is alleged to have votes twice this past summer - once here in Wisconsin and in Idaho.

Roberta Retrum, of Eagle River, was so angered by this actual case of voter fraud, that unlike the Republicans who complain about voter fraud but don't do a damn thing about it, went to Madison to file a complaint with the GAB.

The GAB reviewed the case and ruled that they would not be able to handle the case and recommended that the case go to the Racine County DA.

So on Friday, Retrum did just that:
Roberta Retrum, a resident of Eagle River and former Assembly candidate for the 34th District, drove five hours to file her complaint in person instead of mailing it.

"I wanted to know it was received," she said. "This was worth the trip."

Retrum says that Samantha Vos, who is legally separated from Robin Vos, violated Wisconsin voting laws by casting ballots in the spring election, the recall, and the August partisan primary while she was a resident of Idaho.

Vos is the Republican state Assembly person for the 63rd District and co-chair of the Joint Committee on Finance. He is a proponent of Voter ID, and Retrum said if he's so concerned about voter fraud in Wisconsin, he should have been the first one to call foul on Samantha Vos voting here.

"As soon as he found out that his wife voted in the spring elections and the recalls, he should have jumped on it like he would if the Democrats did the same thing," Retrum said.

In her statement to the DA, Retrum writes:
A vote, any vote, fraudulently cast, is a black eye on Democracy. The Republicans' claims of voter fraud, particulary of Robin Vos in the Lehman recall, just shows they want to hold others accountable when they can't even keep their own in line ... This is a state issue. As a voter, I am disgusted with the hypocrisy ordhestrated by the Vos family ... If Robin Vos believes there is voter or election fraud going on in his state, he should look to his own house first.
According to documents contained in Retrum's complaint, Samantha Vos filed for a legal separation on May 4 in Canyon County, Idaho. On the front page of the complaint for legal separation, it says Samantha Vos is a resident of Idaho and had been for at least six weeks prior to her filing.

Restrum also looked up Samantha Vos' voting record in Wisconsin, and the list includes dates from when she voted in person in Rochester for the April Presidential preference and spring election and the August partisan primary. Samantha cast an absentee ballot for the June 5 recall general election.
Vos has some might tall explaining to do, which won't be easy for him since he is such a little man.

Cog Dis will continue to monitor this story and keep you informed of any updates.


  1. Samantha is a resident of Idaho but she voted in Montana and Wisconsin? She's just a little vote fraud machine isn't she?

  2. Wait, there are THREE states involved? Idaho, Montana, and Wisconsin?

    I'm surprised Robin Vos did not bring these charges up himself.

  3. The haters really come out in the patch article, don't they?

  4. When this story first came out, I checked to see if Ms Vos had registered to vote in Idaho; she had not. I just checked again, and she still has not.

    Though I think it is more likely than not that she has broken a law on one end or the other, I'm not convinced of it.

    (And I have no idea what Montana has to with anything, or why it is mentioned in the comments here.)

  5. Were there elections in Idaho at the time???

    1. Idaho 2012 primary for Congress and state legislature was May 15; so right in the middle of the time frame we're talking about.

  6. The original post, which made my head explode, mentioned Montana but has obviously been corrected.

  7. Theory is that, in exchange for giving his sick estranged wife healthcare benefits (for which we taxpayers foot the bill), Ms. Vos moved to Idaho and agreed to keep quiet on marital "issues" until after the elections. Apparently, Mr. Vos also didn't want his conservative voters learning about his dismal marriage record until after the election. Word also is that he will be rewarded for his attempts to shift public school dollars to private/Catholic schools with yet another annulment (the ultimate pay-to-play).

    1. Would the separated spouse of a public servant, who had government benefits when married, keep part or all of the government supplied benefits after separated?

      Would the public servant end up paying more out of pocket settlement costs if and when his/her public service is completed?

  8. theory? pretty sure that his status as a thrice divorced catholic is not an issue; he's doing this for the good of catholocism? LOLZ,
    his 'wife in idaho' means that he is still married in wisconsin, which plays poorly with his new squeeze, a married wisconsin assembly woman with two children. home wrecker? as our speaker of the house? when the dems were chanting 'shame, shame, shame' they must have known what they were talking about. republican christian conservatives must also be ashamed. i am.