Monday, October 1, 2012

"Small Government" Grothman Strikes Again!

H/T Jack Craver from Capital Times:

Glenn Grothman strikes again.   This time the "small government conservative" is at it again.  First off he is upset about a bill Tammy Baldwin supports, the problem being he has no idea whats in the bill(so he makes it up).  

n similar fashion, he put out a statement last week denouncing a bill proposed by U.S. Rep. Tammy Baldwin, who is running for U.S. Senate, that would require the Department of Health and Human Services to collect data on the sexual orientation and gender identity of people enrolled in public health programs, such as Medicare and Medicaid.

“Even if Tammy Baldwin succeeds in ramming her radical agenda through Washington, Wisconsin cannot let its doctors and patients be pushed around. I am sure most doctors in my area would be appalled at the federal government ordering them to ask such questions to their patients,” Grothman said in the statement.

Baldwin's bill, which was introduced in 2010 and remains in committee, does not refer to doctors. It refers to surveys that those participating or applying for federal medical programs fill out. HHS uses a variety of surveys to evaluate public health and recognize trends. Her intention behind the bill is help track health disparities and gather more information on LGBT health.

Significantly, the bill sponsored by Baldwin also specifies that providing sexual orientation and gender identity would be voluntary.

Nevertheless, it is increasingly standard practice for physicians to ask adult and adolescent patients about their sexual activity and sexual orientation.

The American Academy of Pediatrics and the American Medical Association both urge physicians to discuss sexual orientation with patients frankly, citing the unique challenges and risks that face particular groups. Gay men are at increased risk of sexually transmitted diseases, for instance, and transgender individuals are often more vulnerable to cardiovascular issues because of the hormone treatment they sometimes undergo.

So he is upset about something in a bill that is not there, and also upset about a Dr. doing something that they are already doing along with a voluntary "committement" for the patients to answer.  

The facts will not stop Grothman, he is on a mission! The small government conservative is looking to:

Grothman says he hopes to introduce legislation that would prevent Wisconsin from being subject to such mandates as Baldwin proposed, assuming they one day materialize. His bill would furthermore criminalize the distribution by a federal official of a form that "requires a minor to identify (his or her) sexual orientation."
So the "get the government out of your lives" guy, is going to introduce EVEN more  legislation which sticks government not only in our lives, but also in our Dr's office.  
Then comes the best part of the story, and so incredibly typical for the Wisconsin republican party.   Is Glenn Grothman coming at this bill from a position of expertise AT ALL?  of course not!  
The senator concedes his knowledge of Western medicine might be slightly outdated.

"I usually avoid doctors," he says.

Just another attempt by the republican party to intrude in our lives and demonize the democrats!   Grothman defines the word - extremist!   It is waaaaay time to send someone to the state senate who will actually listen to the constituents of their district and represent them like an adult!  

It is time to vote in Tanya Lohr for State Senate.   

If the Wisconsin republicans are allowed to continue on this path of their version of "less government" next thing you know, Scott Walker will be telling us to start spying on each other


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