Tuesday, October 9, 2012

What Are You Doing November 14th?

From the inbox, a friendly reminder to Democratic women from Emerge Wisconsin:

Emerge Take Back

What Are You Doing November 14th?
Many in Wisconsin are working hard to make our first answer to that question "Celebrating Democratic wins across Wisconsin."

If you are a Democratic woman, your second answer should then be "Making sure my application is complete for the Emerge Wisconsin 2013 Class."

Democratic women, there is no time to delay.  If you have EVER thought of running for office, then YOU need to apply to the Emerge Wisconsin 2013 Class today.  

We will give you the tools, the resources and the network to give you the confidence to run and the skills to win. 

Need some extra encouragement?  Check out this video message from Emerge Wisconsin Advisor, Congresswoman Gwen Moore.  She inspires us. We hope she inspires you!


For the sake of full disclosure, I do some work for Emerge Wisconsin.

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