Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Thompson's Bad Week Goes From Push To Push Poll

This hasn't been a very good week for Tommy Thompson at all. And it's only Tuesday.

On Sunday, we learned that he is so unpopular that he has to beg for people to like his Facebook page.

On Monday, it came out that he has John McCain Syndrome, in that he is so stinking rich he can't even remember how many houses he owns.

Some lefty blogger also reminded the world that Thompson's son, Jason, is embroiled in the Walkergate scandal. I guess that this is proof that the bad apples don't fall far from the tree, eh?

Today, Erick Erickson of Redstate doesn't think much of Thompson either:
Tommy Thompson is flailing about in Wisconsin as the senile old grandfather with his various assorted women issues.
Erickson goes on opine that Todd Akin, of all people, is more deserving of funding from the NRSC than Thompson.

Then tonight I received a call, on my cell phone nonetheless, from a young woman, Stephanie, from a company called Opinionology. Based on the Caller ID, they're based out in Utah.

Stephanie told me that she wanted to ask me some questions about the upcoming elections. I chose to oblige her, but first I asked was who was funding this survey. She readily responded that it was Tommy Thompson.

The questions started out pretty standard. Simple things like who I was going to vote for or asking how strongly I felt towards or against an issue or a candidate, including the US Senatorial race or the presidential election.

But suddenly the questions started taking on a new tone. Instead of just who will you vote for, it was stuff like, " Will you be voting for Tammy Baldwin who supports the extreme leftist, big government agenda of Barack Obama or the straight forward, responsible budgeting approach of Tommy Thompson and his Republican allies?"

As soon as Stephanie asked one of these types of questions, I exclaimed, "Oh good! It is a push poll after all!" This started Stephanie giggling. Apparently she had heard similar comments before.

She asked a few more questions along a similar vein, but never to the point of accusing Baldwin of eating babies or claiming that Thompson had God's personal endorsement.

I think the part that made me laugh the most was when Stephanie asked me if I had seen, heard or read anything from the Baldwin and Thompson campaigns, what those things were and if that made me more or less likely to vote for them.

I replied by asking how long she had per call, because I could take up her night.

I swear I could hear Stephanie groan when I mentioned Thompson's "Who better?" gaffe.

By gauging how Stephanie was responding, I don't think Thompson's gonna like what he gets for his money on this poll.


  1. In case anybody was wondering, you ARE a highly suggestible type of person

  2. I got this survey too, but your wording is way off. I wonder how much more of your blog is worded "differently" as well

    1. Translation: Right wing troll doesn't like the truth told.

    2. Remember that there are always multiple surveys for the same campaigns going on at any given time. It's really not possible to say with any certainty that you received a call from the exact same survey group.