Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Abele's Bait And Switch Politics

Cory Liebmann brings us some good news and some very good points in his latest post about Chris Abele's usurpation of Milwaukee County:

First, the good news:
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Today the latest MU Law Poll was released.  In it they reported that folks in the City of Milwaukee favored a full-time County Board 54-37%.  That double digit level of support in what is obviously the most population dense portion of the county most certainly does matter.  It would be nice if supporters of the special interest legislation would acknowledge that simple fact before declaring victory. But perhaps they are cynically banking on the assumption that City of Milwaukee residents wont be engaged enough.
Funny thing, in the mass email I got today from My Milwaukee, one of the Greater Milwaukee Committee (GMC) front groups, they didn't mention this good news.  All they had were opinion pieces from Teapublicans and people with ulterior motives.

Thank goodness we already had a very good idea of just how unpopular Abele's overreach is.

But then Cory brings up a very excellent point:
I'd expect that the numbers in those referendums would have been much different if they included all of the broad and sweeping measures found in AB 85. However the supporters of AB 85 won't let Milwaukee County voters have a real say on the entirety of the bill before it is actually forced upon us. 
The referendums which Cory mentions simply asked if the Milwaukee County Board should be made part-time and/or if they should have their salaries cut.

They never mentioned all the other things that Abele wants to do, regardless of how the referendum would turn out.  Now that people are seeing that Abele wants to concentrate all the power in his own hands, remove any system of checks and balances , close the door to transparency and open the door to corruption, they are becoming increasingly opposed to it.

Normally, trying to sell something and then substituting it for an entirely different thing would be called bait and switch.

But for Abele, it's business as usual.  

He hasn't been up front with us since he first started campaigning in 2011, saying he wasn't going to be anything like Scott Walker.  And his dishonesty has only gotten worse since.


  1. Didnt the same poll say that 50% of the people approve of the gov., and 40 something % disapprove?

  2. The Milwaukee County Board should put an advisory referendum on the same ballot. It should read, "Do you favor eliminating checks and balances to strip the legislative branch of county government of most of its constitutional powers and empowering the current and all future County Executives to make decisions for Milwaukee County residents?"

    As always, perspective is a good thing.

    1. The problem is that the bill forbids any other referendum questions. They are that afraid.