Saturday, March 16, 2013

Tea Party Cowards

Here's an interesting story about the school board race in Burlington. The Teapublicans are running two candidates who appear to be running from their own shadows:
I've just gotten word that the Standard Press is NOT going to have a candidate forum because the WeVote PAC school board candidates have refused to participate. To me, this repeated refusal by the Tea Party candidates, Julie Koldeway and Norma Miller, to face the local press, to face their opponents and most importantly to face the public, the voters, and to answer questions SPEAKS VOLUMES!

I say repeated, because Julie Koldeway had already refused to participate in a public forum sponsored by the Standard Press that was to be held before the primary election. That forum unfortunately was cancelled due to a severe winter storm.
Apparently these two have a long history of not liking any situation where they can't have a strict control over the messaging.

That, folks, shows that they have nothing of substance to offer and would only be puppets for their corporate masters.

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  1. I wonder if the refusal of these two TeaPublican candidates to show their faces in a public forum is possibly related to all the negative publicity that fellow TeaPublican Burlington School Board member (and local Farmer's Insurance agent) Phillip Ketterhagen received after he suggested a better way to motivate Burlington School District teachers to do a better job in the classroom.

    Ketterhagen suggested lining the teachers up and whacking them with a 2X4,"to get their attention-just like we do with cattle". The story didn't receive much media attention outside of the area.

    Too bad for Ketterhagen; with a little more media coverage of his insightful comments, he might have a future at Secretary of Education when Scott Walker is elected President in 2016.