Saturday, March 23, 2013

Corporate Special Interests Step Into Local Court Race

Wisconsin Club for Growth has dropped $167,000 to buy ad time for their candidate of choice, Rebecca Bradley. The ads call Bradley "thoughtful, compassionate, fair."

Janet Protasiewicz
It's not surprising that this group, funded by the Koch Brothers and the Bradley Foundation would back Bradley, since their definition of "thoughtful, compassionate, fair" matches hers, in that they both support voter suppression and anti-minority right stances.

Janet Proasiewicz' campaign has rightfully called foul on the corporate special interests trying to buy the election for Milwaukee Circuit Court Branch 45. From their press release:
Today, the right-wing extreme group Wisconsin Club for Growth entered the Milwaukee County Circuit Court race with a $167,000 television ad buy, attempting to buy the seat for the right-wing darling and hand-picked Governor Walker appointee Rebecca Bradley.

“Outside special interest groups have no place in our courtrooms or judicial campaigns,” said campaign manager Marshall Cohen. “The Wisconsin Club for Growth is a shady, right-wing group supported by secretive money that is trying to buy a judicial seat in Milwaukee County. It’s no wonder extreme political groups are supporting their political darling Rebecca Bradley after her track record working with organizations who make it harder to vote and giving large donations to help elect Scott Walker. The question is: what are these groups expecting in return? Instead of putting the campaign-funding special interests first, Janet Protasiewicz will always put the law first and protect Milwaukee families.”
Worth noting is Bradley's reaction to the support from the corporate special interests:
The group purchased radio spots supporting Bradley prior to the the primary election in Februay. At a candidates' forum earlier this month, Bradley said she had no knowledge of the ads or control or influence over how outside groups speak out about the election.

Her campaign did not immediately return email seeking comment on the latest ad or the Protasiewicz campaign's characterizations. The Wisconsin Club for Growth had no comment.
You know, if she was true to her campaign statements of leaving politics out of the courtroom and adhering to the law and not her own political viewpoints, she would have come out immediately denouncing this involvement by the special interests and asking them to stop.

The fact that she hasn't shows where her true intent is, which is not with the law or the people.

Besides the fact that Protasiewicz is simply the much more experienced and qualified candidate, this is just another reason that I will be voting for her on April 2 and I urge you to do the same.

Learn more about Protasiewicz and how to support her from her website and her Facebook page.


  1. bradley is a PIG -- thanks for keeping your bloggin' about our real enemies these past few days instead of trumping up attacks on other progressives that represent multicultural interests.

    1. The special interest money that makes Bradley a bad candidate is the same thing that makes Lena Taylor and Chris Abele bad politicians.