Sunday, March 31, 2013

Walker's Wisconsin! Part I

The faithful readers are aware that I have been doing an ongoing series with the title of "Walker's Agenda Is Still Working!"  In this series, I have been trying to keep up with the epic failure which is Scott Walker's austerity agenda.  It has led us down a path of economic ruin in which the state's economy hasn't been any better than 48th and an ever increasing gap in job creation when compared to the rest of the nation and the Midwest.

Sadly, the economy isn't the only thing that Walker and his Republican allies have
been ruining.  They are bringing our once great state to new lows on the social scale, where McCarthyism and other forms of bullying is becoming all too common occurrence.  Whether it's Walker's storm
troopers at the Capitol or the Knot-headed trolls, society is going into the same nosedive that the economy is in.

So, as I call out the damage Walker's agenda is causing us economically, I will also start calling out the degradation of our society due to their hate and fear.

With that in mind, we look to Rice Lake, Wisconsin, where homophobia reigns:
A gay employee of Applebee’s in Rice Lake was brutally bashed by the husband of a co-worker, then told by the restaurant’s manager he could not return to work due to publicity surrounding the incident, he said.

Timothy Phares subsequently did return to his job as a server after Greg Flynn, CEO of Apple American Group franchise, intervened on his behalf.

According to Phares and his sister Krista katherine, they were getting out of his car in the parking lot of a Perkins restaurant on March 17 when Rien Hendricks and his wife Shannon Hendricks pulled up behind them in an SUV.

“(Hendricks) was getting out of his vehicle, and he said, ‘Fucking faggot, I’m going to kill you,’” Phares said.

At that point Phares said Hendricks struck him in the head with great force using a 2 x 4 piece of lumber. In a written statement, Krista katherine said she heard her brother’s head smack the pavement, but Tim Phares lost consciousness and doesn’t remember anything else before waking up in the hospital.

Phares suffered head and facial abrasions as well as multiple facial fractures that will ultimately require surgery to implant metal plates, he said.
The article goes on to report how the assailant isn't going to be charged with a hate crime, even though he used homophobic slurs as he tried to kill Phares.

The article also reports how the restaurant manager has been jerking Phares around as well, basically blaming him for being attacked and for the bigotry in that town.

Sad to say, this isn't the only deplorable bit of news that has come out of the burg.

This is also the home of Roger Rivard, the dumb ass that mad the infamous comment of "Some girls rape so easy."

The Barron County GOP isn't any better, which isn't a surprise, since Rivard's wife, Bernie, is their secretary.  This group of knuckle-draggers blamed the federal government for the shooting at Sandy Hook.  They also were so desperate to show their gun love, that they were willing to falsely attribute statements to George Washington, statements which he never made.

And how could we forget that these are the people that elected (twice!) Sean "Pretty Boy" Duffy, the reality star turned soft porn star, who can't make it on $174,000 a year, but thinks that someone making a a quarter of that is making too much money.

Yup, Rice Lake is a proud representation of Walker's Wisconsin.  I'm sure it's only a matter of time before they invite Westboro Baptist Church to establish a branch there.


  1. Applebee’s should fire his wife, Shannon, so she can legitimately apply for unemployment. Her rap sheet shows she has a habit of collecting unemployment compensation while working.

    The Rice Lake Applebee’s Facebook page is full of Easter greetings:

    I love the picture of the couple pulling the Christmas tree in the Applebee’s Easter posting “Favorite thing about this time of year?” That really symbolizes how Applebee’s is on top of things.