Friday, March 29, 2013

Quick Question

By Jeff Simpson

If the Wisconsin Legislature gets to set their own rules on workplace conduct, dress codes, etc... Why do they think its ok to shut out public workers from having a voice in their own workplace?  

Both groups of employees are paid for by the taxpayers. 


  1. Jeff, you're missing the point completely.

    Technically, I suppose, the checks are all written on what might be a common bank, or even a single account.

    But the legislators -- with the bright new dawn of the Wanker administration -- they work and in doing so create wealth for the Oligarchs.

    Public employees represent a lost opportunity cost on all of those balance sheets.

    Verstehen Sie?

  2. So your saying their owners, allow them little priviledges like this to help create the false impression that they have independent thoughts?

  3. "their owners"? Who dat? SEIU, WEAC, Obama?