Thursday, March 28, 2013

Republicans Behaving Badly!

By Jeff Simpson

I have been collecting these stories the last few days and didnt have time to write them up separately but wanted to share! 

1.  The former head of the South Carolina Republican Party:

The former head of the South Carolina Republican Party on Sunday lashed out at an Iraq war veteran who now opposes the war, saying that he should have “come home in a body bag.”
In a series of tweets, former South Carolina GOP executive director Todd Kincannon blasted Iraq war veteran Michael Prysner over tweets last week defending former Venezuelan leader Hugo Chavez and the assertion that an American police officer was a “coward and a sociopath.”
“What do you get when you combine asshattery and jizzwhistlery with a side of epic douchebaggery? Why, you get @MikePrysner!” Kincannon wrote.
 2. Former Florida Republican Party Head

Jim Greer resigned just before he was indicted in 2010 for money laundering and stealing party funds.
Greer, 50, pleaded guilty last month to five charges, averting a trial that threatened to reveal potentially embarrassing details about the state party organization.
As part of his plea deal, an organized fraud charge against him was dropped.
Greer made restitution to the Florida Republican Party on Monday via a $65,000 wire transfer, party spokesman Steven Dobson confirmed to Circuit Judge Marc Lubet before the sentence was imposed.
While serving as the party’s paid chairman, Greer concealed his partial ownership of a company hired by the party to handle fundraising duties in exchange for 10 percent of all major contributions.
 3.   An Alabama Republican state official famous for flaunting his rifle in campaign ads promising to be tough on crime:

Dale Peterson, an Alabama Republican state official famous for flaunting his rifle in campaign ads promising to be tough on crime, was arrested Wednesday and charged with shoplifting a can of cashews. The arrest, first reported by, marked the second time in six months that Peterson has been accused of stealing.
His new arrest occurred at a Sam's Club, where police said employees watched Peterson eat a can of cashews in the store, then place the empty can back on a shelf. Store security guards confronted Peterson on his way out. He was released from custody after posting $1,000 bond.
Peterson was charged in October with stealing paper towels and beer from a Walmart. Employees said he pushed his way through the checkout line without paying for the items in his cart, according to police. Peterson later said the incident was "a mistake."

4.  Karl Rove

Karl Rove jokes that black Democratic strategist ‘owes me some fried chicken’

Boy are those republicans witty.   Here I thought Wisconsin's own William Mauer was bad,....O wait even in comparison he still is!  



  1. As long as we have your mindset we as a nation will never accomplish a thing.

    Keep up the cherry picking and mis-characterization of the real story.

    You help nobody...

  2. Please tell me where I cherry picked and mic-characterized. Thanks!

    1. Different anonymous. Clearly 1:02 is upset that you don't cover such positive aspects of the New Republican Party (Now with more EVEN MORE voter outreach!). Just today Rep Don Young courted the Latino, nativist, and also the white supremacist vote, all in one fell swoop.

      “My father had a ranch. We used to hire 50 or 60 wetbacks and — to pick tomatoes,” Young said in the interview with KRBD. “You know, it takes two people to pick the same tomatoes now. It’s all done by machine.”

      But we'd never know this from your blog post. When it comes to the party of Spiro Agnew, Jack Abramoff, Bob Ney and Tom Delay (aka the bug man) all you post is the negative stuff. Keep up the good work Brownie!

    2. And John Edwards is a great family man who made his millions by, "helping women".


    3. John Edwards is LOOOONG out of politics and the democratic party. Unlike his counterpart in WI - Robin Vos.

  3. 1. Democrats put into law that allowed a criminal in Colorado out early out of a super max prison and the thug killed the corrections chief.
    2. Democrats in Nevada kick out a black man out of the Assembly but won't release the records.
    3. Democrat Obama and family flies around the country/world on Air Force 1, yet he has forced the cancellation of air shows around the country.
    4. Massachusetts state Representative John P. Fresolo (D-Worcester) is being investigated after sending photos of his junk to a government computer. Fresolo reportedly took the pictures and posted them on a female coworker’s computer.
    5. Senator Bob Menendez, D-N.J. Enough said.
    6. Rep. Robert Andrews (D-N.J.) used campaign funds for family trips.
    Yeah, we can play this game all day long.
    Bottom line, both sides sucks when it come to ethics.
    Unless you are a party hack, Walker hater like capper and simpson (relative to thug Simpson in jail in Nevada?) then your mental derangement is easily understood.

    1. Dan wrote:
      “3. Democrat Obama and family flies around the country/world on Air Force 1, yet he has forced the cancellation of air shows around the country.”

      OMG!!! The President of the United States is leaving the White House to visit the rest of the country! Can’t this person of color save some money and take a horse and buggy like that Republican legend Abraham Lincoln?

      Not only that, the Administration of this Kenyan Muslim wants to charge private pilots takeoff and landing fees to pay for keeping air traffic towers open in airports with little commercial traffic. All this community organizer wants to do is raise taxes instead of cutting his wasteful spending. How dare he try to balance the budget off the backs of private pilots!

    2. Dan, I always thought you were ignorant. Thanks for proving your an ignorant racist to boot.


    3. 5. Senator Bob Menendez, D-N.J. Enough said.

      thanks for bringing your ignorance of current events to the discussion.

    4. Jeff-simpson7 (Haha I see what you did, how clever!) has posted a link that is weeks old to the so called Menendez scandal. This is another he said she said, and this link has:

      "The Washington Post reported the prostitutes’ claims were completely made up:

      “An escort who appeared on a video claiming that Sen. Robert Menendez (D-N.J.) paid her for sex has told Dominican authorities that she was instead paid to make up the claims and has never met or seen the senator, according to court documents and two people briefed on her claim.

      Contradicted by the claim of the Daily Caller.

      “The Washington Post falsely reported a story yesterday claiming our source had recanted her statement, without contacting The Daily Caller for comment before posting. In reality, the prostitute in the Post’s story does not appear to be one of the women we interviewed in 2012."

      So one one hand the Daily Caller with an exclusive scandal reveal with apparent links to the infamous Republican operative Roger 'Miami Velvet' Stone, on the other hand the Washington Post saying this smells like another Kenyan birther scandal. Wait Wait don't tell me- there's even more!

      Yet another recent story: Dominican official links Daily Caller to alleged lies about Menendez

      A top Dominican law enforcement official said Friday that a local lawyer has reported being paid by someone claiming to work for the conservative Web site the Daily Caller to find prostitutes who would lie and say they had sex for money with Sen. Robert Menendez (D-N.J.).

      The lawyer told Dominican investigators that a foreign man, who identified himself as “Carlos,” had offered him $5,000 to find and pay women in the Caribbean nation willing to make the claims about Menendez, according to Jose Antonio Polanco, district attorney for the La Romana region, where the investigation is being conducted.

      Any guesses how this one turns out in the end? Maybe someone should ask Donald Trump. Or Bob Ney.

    5. Dan: It's inaccurate to suggest a "Democratic law" led to the suspect's early release and the murder of the Colorado corrections director. Actually, the law in question is Colorado's mandatory parole law. Sounds like a good deal, but actually it led to longer sentences served, because in order to receive "mandatory" parole, an inmate couldn't be released early, as is normally the case under parole procedures. So suspected shooter Ebel got out LATER than he would in other states. Indeed, this law has served to greatly expand the number of inmates in Colorado prisons. It's a dubious law, but not for the reason you suggest. Further, Ebel was kept in solitary confinement during most of his prison term. His father Ebel testified before Colorado lawmakers two years ago that solitary confinement in a Colorado prison was destroying his son's psyche.

      When Democratic Gov. John Hickenlooper interviewed later-slain Clements for the top prison job in Colorado, he mentioned the Ebel case as an example of why the prison system needed reform, but Hickenlooper recalls he did not mention Ebel by name. Later, Clements eased the use of solitary confinement in Colorado and tried to make it easier for people held there to re-enter society. But, evidently, Ebel had already been damaged by his experience. He was a bad guy made a lot worse by his unusually long and rather too punitive treatment in prison. Blame this all on Democrats if you like, but you'd actually be blaming them for being too tough on convicts.

    6. thank you for that clarification!

  4. I realize it is hard to keep up with the fast and furious racist remarks coming out of Republicans. But you should include Alaska Republican Congressman Don Young’s ignorant remark, "My father had a ranch; we used to have 50-60 wetbacks to pick tomatoes. It takes two people to pick the same tomatoes now. It’s all done by machine.”

    As a Republican true to his racist roots, Young gave a non-apology, “"During a sit down interview with Ketchikan Public Radio this week, I used a term that was commonly used during my days growing up on a farm in Central California. I know that this term is not used in the same way nowadays and I meant no disrespect."

    Reince Priebus, how is that Republican minority out-reach program working out?

  5. Thanks all, I had not seen that story. You are correct there are too many to keep up with.

  6. "As a Republican true to his racist roots"

    Like Dr. Ben Carson?

    You're so biased you ignore facts. Come to think of it, so does this blog...

    1. Glad you brought up the good doctor, saved me a post. See hatred and ignorance only gets you so far then you hit the mainstream and all of a sudden he is not so popular anymore!

  7. Don't let me take credit for you. Would you like a list of his accomplishments in the field of neurosurgery? Or do you stand with "Planed Parenthood" when their spokeswoman say kill the baby if it comes out alive?

    I need to take a bath now...

    1. It is too bad Ben Carson self-destructed so quickly. We need more Ben Carsons. Republicans are delusional if they think that nominating a black will attract minority voters. Until Republicans cleanse themselves of ignorance and bigotry, they will not attract minority voters. The Republicans cannot cleanse the Party of ignorance and bigotry because they have pandered to ignorant bigots for decades. Notice the pushback from the Republican base as sensible immigration reform is being debated. Republicans have made their bed. Now they have to sleep in that stench.