Friday, March 15, 2013

Weekend Preparation

By Jeff Simpson

We all know how predictable the right wing noise machine is, and that Paul Ryan(R-Wall St.)  has been leader of the pack lately.    Since he is still the Golden Boy and "self proclaimed" numbers guy is back with a whole new talking point.  

In an interview broadcast March 3, 2013, on "Upfront with Mike Gousha," a public affairs show on WISN-TV (Channel 12) in Milwaukee, Gousha asked Ryan:

"You had said that you can’t agree to the president’s call for closing tax loopholes because it would kill tax reform. What do you mean by that?"

Alluding to the New Year’s Day 2013 compromise that averted what had been termed the "fiscal cliff," Ryan began his response by saying:

"So, as you know, the president eight weeks ago got the largest tax increase in history; he got a big tax increase just eight weeks ago. And that gives us certain revenue lines to do tax reform. We have long proposed, in all the budgets I’ve written, to plug loopholes to lower tax rates, to bring down tax rates for Americans, for families, for businesses, to create jobs, to grow the economy." 

The problem being, it just is not true!  

Ryan said the fiscal cliff agreement is "the largest tax increase in history."

For this type of statement, raw dollars is a virtually meaningless measure, given that it doesn’t truly compare the size of tax increases over time. And as a share of the economy, the fiscal cliff tax increase is clearly not the largest tax increase in history.

We rate Ryan’s statement False.

Lots of that when Paul Ryan speaks!  

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  1. The bigger the Ryan Lie, the more Charlie Sykes will parrot it, and the more Republicans lose credibility with those who are paying attention to the facts.