Sunday, March 17, 2013


Tony Evers for State Superintendent!


  1. tony evers may be better than the teabaggin' candidate, but he is not going to do anything good for public education and protects systematically racist charter schools and then refuses to cooperate with open records requests.

    Funny, if certain democrats are slow to respond to open records requests, this site is all over them. evers has stonewalled legal, just, and critical requests for years now.

    Under his stewardship, dpi has approved some of the most blatantly racist charter schools schemes around -- yet you want to promote this bozo?

    This progressive will sit that race out -- we will see a full-frontal assault on public education and more institutional racism regardless of which candidate wins.

    Regardless of which lever you pull in the voting booth, a lemon is going to roll out.

    So why do you promote this hack?

    1. Gee, maybe because you weren't running so we went with second best. /sarcasm

      Idiot trolls.

    2. course capper is the dude that thinks an African American that won her district with 85 percent support should just shut-up and do as he says.

      And if the schools she attended and knows first-hand suck? So what -- ITS A UNION THING AND PUBLIC SERVANTS DON'T HAVE TO, YOU KNOW, ACTUALLY SERVE THE PUBLIC!

      Putting down multi-generations of non-majority people, underserving children, and sentencing them to a life of poverty in the most highly-concentrated community of poor people of color in America?

      That's what capper calls "good" schools.

      The idiot doesn't post as anon, buddy. The idiot made brash proclamations about the john doe probe and now is turning on the person that enabled the Wisconsin Uprising in the Capitol to happen.

      And then bloggin' about "solidarity".

    3. I'm starting to believe that our anonymous troll is a product of privatized education, given its horrible grammar, lack of punctuation and atrocious spelling.

    4. Ok Anon ive had enough of your BS. winning with 85% of the vote in the gerrymandered WI diistricts means jack. Steve Nass won handily, does that make him credible?

      "Putting down multi-generations of non-majority people, underserving children, and sentencing them to a life of poverty in the most highly-concentrated community of poor people of color in America"

      Why do you think they are underserved and the schools are wanting? is it the teachers unions or is it the Government that allocates resources?

      if Taylor is supporting privatization of our schools then it proves she has no interest in representing her people or listening to actual research. She needs to go.

      FINALLY please stop with this:
      "is turning on the person that enabled the Wisconsin Uprising in the Capitol to happen"

      Taylor 100% did NOT enable the uprising to happen. She had absolutely NOTHING to do to start it. It was an outpouring of people who left work and family behind to protest the ending fo their rights that ENABLED the Senators to leave!

  2. Anon is not wrong. Evers devalued every college-earned teaching license when he instituted "work credit" for education credits. Anyone with a BS/BA can apply to the state to get a teaching license if they have "real life" experience. That would be fine in an environment where there is a shortage of certified teachers, BUT THERE ISN'T. He did it so the voucher/parochial/public schools could pay these people less and get away with it. It created a new subcategory of inadequately trained teacher. I wrote DPI with my observations of this abomination and got blah, blah, blah back.

    Do I agree that Evers is a better choice than Pridemore? In a heartbeat. Do I think Evers's going do do wonderful things for education?? Nope.

    You have to promote this putz only because he's a better choice than the other putz.

  3. I think Evers is a realist, he tries to get as much out of Walker admin as he can.

    I dont like the teaching license thing anymore than you but he has no power except to try and make awful policies a little bit better.

    Look who he has to work with. I just sat through a Mike huebsch speech the other day and then a Pridemore/Evers debate. Huebsch made Pridemore look like Einstein.

    Until we start sending him better people to work with thats the best we can get.

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  5. Oy veh....We are in trouble.

  6. Oldie but goodie article describing Finland's path to building the top school system in the world:

    Finland instilled more equity into the system, not less. Read how results compare to neighboring Norway, which offers the competitive public and private model. Food for thought if you really give a darn about improving education. But if you're just interested in doling out taxpayer cash to donors then I suppose vouchers is as good a way to do that as any.

  7. This is not the race to sit out. Imagine if the Democrats pick up some wins in 2014. Then we might have a chance at stemming the damage. Without Evers there is no chance. None. People who have kids going to any school in the state, charter or public or whatever, you should vote for Evers. The other guy really only cares about education spending, not education.

    Vote for Evers.

  8. I have no intention of sitting this out. I WILL vote for Evers. I'm just saying that he's less of a putz than the other yutz.