Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Scott Walker Wants State Fair Stormtroopers

Rebecca Kemble of The Progressive took some very interesting video of Department of Administration Executive Assistant Wendy Croomer trying to justify having the fascist Capitol Police Chief Dave Erwin take over the control of the State Fair Police:

My, she is stammering a lot! I suppose it could be nerves. After all, the stuff she was trying to peddle reeked more than the cow barn on Day 10 of the Fair.

The reason Walker is pushing for this has nothing to do with more efficient use of staff, as if having a police chief trying to handle troops 75 miles away is even remotely efficient.

The real reason Walker wants the stormtroopers to pick up the cream puff patrol is because he wants to be president. And, as I'm sure the gentle reader has picked up by now, Walker is all about image because he has no substance. But even this college drop out is savvy enough to know that something like this won't help his image at all:

It would be interesting to see Erwin try to send his troopers to all those people's homes after the fall of night in order to give them citations for exercising their Freedom of Speech.

I wonder if Erwin will also demand that anybody going to State Fair will need a permit before being allowed to do so.

We've not gone to State Fair for the past few years, mainly because we can't afford to anymore. I think this year we might save up our pennies in order to go. It promises to be rather entertaining, and that's not even with the booked stage acts.


  1. President? Sounds like he wants to be king. The Capitol Police seem to be evolving into some sort of personal guard like the Musketeers! Many years from now stories will be written, songs will be sung of their daring exploits to save civilization (or at least Wisconsin) from little old ladies carrying signs and corn dog wielding teenagers.

  2. I'd go to protest that bitch (I do mean Walker).

  3. It almost makes me want to sponsor tickets and brats to the State Fair for you,Capper.

    If and when you decide,
    the donate tab will be used.

    1. Oh, I think it's a safe bet that we'll be there. Maybe Walker will join the racing pigs.

  4. Slight correction. Not college drop out. College ejectee.

  5. Body language speaks volumes, and if you notice those sitting at the table with her, all try to pretend they're looking at papers in front of them, anything to avoid eye contact with the audience. Usually this means embarassment or shame. Both being appropriate.

  6. Prediction: Scott Walker will have a Walker presidential run campaign stop at the Wisconsin state fair where he will argue his Wisconsin plan is working (Walker's job promise is spinning its wheels to the road builder's association) and it's the best thing for the U.S.A.

  7. If the teenager crowd assault similar to what occurred one summer occurred again Walker and the state police would garner cheap national headlines and instant name recognition.

  8. Perhaps the plan is to inject provocateurs into the fair to accomplish that goal. Looks like he doesn't think the West Allis police can handle it.

  9. I don't know if it's changed but I was once arrested at State Fair. Clinton was still President so it was, like, 15 years ago? My crime? Failure to "move along." A group of high school aged teens were in the bright lights right at the front gate. They were all on their knees with their hands behind their heads. I swiveled my head around looking for the hi-jacked airliner the terrorists must have been captured in, or anything or anyone that looked like an aggrieved or victimized party. No one in sight. It looked to me like the "crime" was something else. The teen boys in the mixed group were all black and the young ladies were all European-American. (Some of them blonde and wholesome cute and probably corn fed, too.) They were just kids. None out of high school. My Bull Shit Detector was clanging a silent alarm, inside my chest, and I didn't want to walk away from the scene. That's when I got my face shoved into the side of a wall and I was arrested. (Nothing stuck. The charge was later dropped completely.) But that's when I found out that West Allis police weren't in charge at State Fair. (At least at that time.) It was like a Bus Man's holiday. Out-state rube cops were imported on a 'volunteer' basis so they could free-lance, with little formal supervision, to keep State Fair as Schwartz-Frei as possible. And have an enjoyable vacation at the same time. (So you know what type of cops were volunteering to drive down to Milwaukee to perform those types of tasks.)

    Maybe that's just a historical footnote, now. They may have already changed some of the details of that informal working arrangement. But maybe not. Maybe the real plan is to put the former head of Wanker's own Praetorian Guard (Ervin) in charge of the volunteer night stick brigade of out-state thug cops.

    (Now their reputations are about the same but back then Summerfest was widely regarded in the African-American community as a relatively safe place to go. State Fair was even more universally feared and reviled for its unwelcoming attitude.)