Sunday, March 17, 2013

The So-Called Silent Majority

The right wing often like to refer to themselves as the "Silent Majority."

Ironically, both words are as false as can be.

They are hardly silent.

With the corporate media controlling the TV news, the radio waves and the news papers, we are exposed to their propaganda all day every day.  And as if that wasn't enough, we have the ersatz "independent news services" like McCarthy Institute for Wayward Stalkers, Media Trackkkers and Wisconsin Distorter filling up the Intertubes with their raw sewage.

They are doing this in order to control the message and drown out any voices of dissent, as was outlined in the Powell Memo and is being actively pursued by ALEC and other extensions of American Fascism.

And they are hardly in the majority.

Ever since he introduced his proposed budget, Scott Walker has been using it as a campaign gimmick to get people to donate money and sign up for his mailing lists. Even though he's been doing this for weeks now, he's not had a resounding success:

In comparison, when we started collecting signatures for the recall attempt, it would have taken less than nine hours to collect as many as Walker's campaign did during all that time.

It should also be noted that in last fall's election, Democrats garnered more than 200,000 votes than Republicans did.  The only reason the Republicans survived the election was due to their gerrymandering.

It's rather telling on just how afraid the Teapublicans are of the truth that they have to resort to such obvious lies.  Then again, it shouldn't be too surprising, considering that the term "silent majority" stemmed from Richard Nixon.


  1. i wouldn't believe that 9,421 number.

  2. I signed it Scott Walker and put in a fake email. Try it!

  3. 9,000?

    That's nothing to worry about.

  4. Doesn't matter that they have only 9000. They will still win unless people get off their asses and actually......VOTE!!! Apathy is too rampant today with the public. They need to be motivated like the republicans republican or else u condem ur soul to hell for ALL ETERNITY!