Thursday, March 28, 2013


By Jeff Simpson

Capper has done an excellent job letting us know who Ed Fallone is, and why he is the absolute right choice to be our next Supreme Court Justice in Wisconsin.

I want to cover a slightly different aspect.  The Walker agenda.  I received this email today from our friends at Americans for Prosperity Poverty:

Dear Jeffrey,
Act 10 is working for Wisconsin but the courts still hold this important reform in their hands. The last challenge to this law is on the doorstep of the State Supreme Court and could be decided this spring.

Ed Fallone has made it very clear that he would overturn Act 10 and turn back the clock to record deficits, out of control spending and rising property taxes.

He called the current challenge to Act 10 "Serious" and has written about his opposition to the first time the Supreme Court upheld the law. He has also gotten support for his positions from the very public employee unions that are working to overturn the law.

Act 10 has saved taxpayers $2 billion, turned a $3.6 billion deficit into a surplus and lowered property taxes for the first time in 12 years. Pure and simple, Act 10 is working.

Call Ed Fallone at (920) 540-5875 to tell him that Act 10 is working for Wisconsin families.

Yours in Liberty,

Luke Hilgemann
State Director
AFP- Wisconsin

Lets take a look at this quickly.

1.  Act 10 is absolutely, unequivocally NOT working for Wisconsin.

2.  Ed Fallone has absolutely NOT made it clear he would overturn ACT 10.  Ed Fallone, in his duties as a Constitutional law professor at Marquette, has written that Judge Colas' ruling overturning parts of ACT 10 is a well written, thought out decision and that Judge Colas was correct in taking the lawsuit seriously.  

When Hilgemann writes that Fallon "has made it clear" Hilgemann is lying

3.  Public unions have endorsed him.  At least public unions are run and funded by public employees from WI.   AFP-WI has endorsed Roggensack, who funds your operation Mr. Hilgemann?

4.  Act 10 has "saved taxpayers" $2 billion?  We know that is also not true, in a recession what ACT 10 has done is taken $2 billion worth of demand out of our economy.  

5.  While some people's taxes have gone down slightly(mine have risen), in their actual bill(I could explain to you how everyone's taxes have skyrocketed under walker but thats another post), are we supposed to elect Supreme Court Justices because they will "lower our taxes"  or because we trust them to follow the law? 

Is Hilgemann being deceitful here or is he just ignorant as to what a Supreme Court Justice's responsibilities really are?  

Call Luke Hilgemann at 608-204-5915 and tell him to stop using out of state billionaires money to advance right wing lies to the people of WI.


  1. Ed Fallone - never been a judge. Obvious due to his involvement with organized crime.

    The Latin Kings for one...

    1. So Republicans claim Ed Fallone is involved with organized crime and the Latin Kings because he was president of the board of the Latino Community Center in Milwaukee while the Executive Director had formerly been a Latin King. The Exec Director did his prison time and tried to do good after he got out of prison by starting the community center.

      Accusing Fallone of being involved with organized crime is quite a stretch.

      Using that logic, Supreme Court Justice Patience Roggensack is a party to the criminal cover up of violent assault and battery of a woman. In addition Roggensack is a party to criminal cover up of libel when she cleared Michael Gableman of his untruthful campaign ads.

      As a matter of fact, the libelous claim by Republicans about Fallone is not that different from Gableman’s libelous claims against Supreme Court Justice Louis Butler. Note how both Republican libelous claims feed into white racism. So much for Reince Priebus’ plan to reach out to minority voters. A Republican leopard cannot change its spots.

  2. Act 10 and the austerity budget it created at the state and local levels are a major contributor to why job creation has failed under Governor Walker. Plus it did a bang up job dividing the citizens of Wisconsin.

  3. Judge Roggensack had said on the Joy Caradine show that she has not studied Act 10, how did she decide on the case the first time ask her bosses at WMC?