Monday, March 18, 2013

China's Certainty

By Jeff Simpson

Our friends on the right have been touting the economic wonders of China for sometime now.  It has gotten so bad that the republican candidate for President of the United States was bragging about what a great place China is for working women and he never once was challenged for his stupidty. 

It was so bad that this clip of Mitt Romney bragging about the working conditions in China was "the straw that broke Scott Prouty's back" per say.   While he had video of Mitt's whole speech at the fundraiser, the clip he was disgusted with and release first(before he met someone who could help him reach a national audience), was the above clip

Even our own Dumb Senator  was even able to say basically the same thing and still have people vote for him.  After this quote, he should have been retired into a life of working for daddy's company, unfortunately for all of us he was not! 

"And his(Steve Wynn) point is, the level of uncertainty, the climate for business
investment is far more certain in Communist China then it is in the U.S. here,"
Ron Johnson said.
There is definite certainty in China.  There is the certainty that if you are poor and live in certain village, you WILL get cancer!

  Chinese authorities have acknowledged the existence of so-called "cancer villages" in a new report this week, according to multiple media outlets.
Agence France-Presse writes that the country's environment ministry made the admission in a report about pollution in which authorities acknowledged the dangers posed to human health by the harmful chemicals -- many of which are banned in developed nations -- that are produced and consumed in large quantities in the country.
"The toxic chemicals have caused many environmental emergencies linked to water and air pollution," the report said via the BBC.
"There are even some serious cases of health and social problems, like the emergence of cancer villages in individual regions," it continued.
Outstanding, I wonder if RoJo or Mitt will be buying a nice house in those villages?  There is also another "certainty" in China, the certainty that you do NOT want to eat pork(or swim in the river)!

The number of dead pigs found in a river running through China’s commercial hub Shanghai has reached more than 13,000, state media said Monday, as mystery deepened over the hogs’ precise origin.

Shanghai had pulled 9,460 pigs out of the Huangpu river, which supplies 22 percent of the city’s drinking water, since the infestation began earlier this month, the Shanghai Daily reported.

The thousands of dead pigs have drawn attention to China’s poorly regulated farm production. Animals that die from disease can end up in the country’s food supply chain or improperly disposed of, despite laws against the practice.

In Wenling, also in Zhejiang, authorities announced last week that 46 people had been jailed for up to six-and-a-half years for processing and selling pork from more than 1,000 diseased pigs.

China faced one its biggest food-safety scandals in 2008 when the industrial chemical melamine was found to have been illegally added to dairy products, killing at least six babies and making 300,000 people ill.

Maybe Mitt and Ron can go out to eat together when they are there.   They might even want to meet some locals and eat at a local restaurant!


  1. The Chinese solar panel manufacturer Suntech just defaulted on $541M in bonds. It seems that flooding foreign markets with cheap solar panels didn't turn out to be such a good business strategy after all, as it lowered prices to a point where company went bust.

    That a business partner of Suntech's fabricated the existence of collateral for a $680M loan which was guaranteed by Suntech is even greater proof of the "certainty" of Chinese business cronyism. It sounds like a Libertarian paradise. Rojo would fit right in.

  2. Just imagine what the tone would have been during the Cold War had U.S. corporations sent a lot of their manufacturing to Russia? Granted, China is not as much of a Communist nation as Russia was during the Cold War, but still. Imagine the outrage that people would have had regarding sending jobs to a "communist nation".