Saturday, March 16, 2013

Walker, Ryan Can't Even Win With Crazy CPAC Crowd

Having barely finished writing about how Scott Walker wants to divide and conquer the nation, the results of the straw poll at CPAC came out.  Neither Walker nor his fellow austerity acolyte, Paul Ryan, fared too well:

Here are the full results:
Paul — 25
Rubio – 23
Santorum – 8
Christie – 7
Paul Ryan – 6
Scott Walker – 5
Ben Carson – 4
Ted Cruz – 4
Bobby Jindal – 3
Sarah Palin – 3
Other – 14
Undecided – 1
The gentle reader should note that even if you combined Walker's and Ryan's totals, they still lose to "Other."

Sadly, they are both delusional enough to think they have a chance and will continue with their insane steps to try to out-conservative and out-crazy each other and the other wannabes.

Of course, they will point to their own propagandists, like James Wigderson - who is suffering a severe case of sour grapes right now - as all the proof they need to continue with their Quixotic quest.

Who needs reality when you have yes-men like that?


  1. Ryan's star has faded. One fuzzy match budget too many coming on the heels of an embarrassing national loss. It'll take awhile for Charlie Sykes and the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel to figure it out, though. Walker is another story. Rubio, Paul and Cruz would have cadged as many passes as possible for their supporters so the poll is probably skewed. Jeb Bush didn't even attend (Other got 14, hmmm.) Walker probably went to make an impression - no more, no less. He has the ability to raise big money, enthusiastically executes the ALEC playbook, and he's utterly impervious to criticism. So why not go for it? A Walker run for President could be the best thing to happen to Wisconsin in two years.

    1. Oops! "fuzzy math". Wow, Widgerson is really unhappy about the straw poll.