Saturday, March 16, 2013

Solidarity Fishy Fry, Week 23: Fish Fry O'Tartar Style

As advertised, Friday was week 23 of the Solidarity Fish Fry.

We were privileged and honored to again have some distinguished guests join us on this fine evening:

From left: Graeme Zielinski, Randy O'Bryce,
Jon Newcomb and Kelly Ambrose
Also joining us was the ever-pleasant Kelley Albrecht.

The evening was filled with good food, great company and lively conversation ranging from George Bush falling at the lanes to Emerge Wisconsin's Shadow Day to politics in general.

Everything seemed to be going swimmingly when it happened again.  But it was even worse this time.

It started when our union waitress, Victoria, came out with the orders of fish fry and a huge platter full of cups of tartar sauce.

When someone reached for one of the cups, Randy yelled, "Sure and begorrah! Ye are trying to make off with me lucky charms! They're magically delicious!"

He then started snatching up the tubs and slamming them down like shots.

But then, one of the buffet attendants came out with a big bowl of the stuff.

Before you knew it, Randy said, "O'Tartar Style!"  He then jumped up and whipped off his coat and, yup, you guessed it:

He started dancing around the poor girl as she was holding the tartar sauce, singing, "Heeeeeeeyyyyyy, saucy lassie!"

Suddenly he grabbed the bowl out of her hands and said that it was his pot o'tartar and something about it being found only at the end of a rainbow trout.

He then ran off into the night, laughing hysterically.

No one saw him again that night, but when we went outside after him, all we found was a pile of iron shavings and this:

If you come across Randy, be careful.  He is probably all sauced up and very unpredictable.  Do not approach him.  In fact, if you do spot him, call the authorities.  If he spots you, run like hell.

And make sure you come to Serb Hall next Friday for week 24 of the Solidarity Fish Fry and show your support for our union brothers and sisters there.

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