Sunday, March 17, 2013

Caption This!

It's been a while, so caption this photo of State Representative Bill Kramer (T-Walkersha):

Just be careful with your answers.  This Teabilly likes to carry a Glock to show how manly he is.


  1. The fact he's allowed to make legislative decisions is 10x more scary to think about than him with a gun.

  2. You want a piece of me?


  4. I haven't clapped in a long time...

  5. Like the old saying goes:

    "You don't need to pass an IQ test to become a politician!"

    1. Love the quote from that Arkansas? Senator?
      Can't remember if representative or senator and I think it was arkansas.
      Good ol' Bill Maher! Love he didn't edit that clip out of the movie!

  6. Bill Kramer loves FOX News so much, he's proud to wear their logo on his shirt!

  7. All of my political education comes from Fox News, and I will do everything in my power to promote them, no matter how stupid I may look and act.

    I am the face of Fox News.

  8. The really cool thing is that Kramer doesn't even need a holster for the Glock, he just tucks in between the folds of fat and the dried beer-sweat holds it in place.

  9. Um ... I really hope that was only an air biscuit ...

  10. "we're facing msnbc in the bowling league tonite."

  11. Some people tell me that I look like my uncle's cousin three times removed on the adoptive side of the family. What a self made story that was.

    We remember him as a John Wayne kind of guy. Got his big start selling shoes. Met a wife. Remembered to marry up. Moved up to married with wife and kids and managing multiple KFC restaurants! Elected to high office in the Jaycees. Had a few minor reverses, then after a while, he moved to Chicago for a fresh start without that deadweight family.

    Remakes himself as a short order cook (used to yell "Cheezebrger is up a**hole!"), then he decides owning a construction company would be a good idea, so he starts one. Works real had, hired a buch of young kids, for some it was their last job, in his off time he even practiced being a cop on the side.

    Everyone in the neighborhood liked him, he used to throw lots of parties, even used to dress up as a clown.
    Got involved in local politics, was a precinct captain, really the only bad thing was, it was the Democrat party.

    Things were really hard to believe, almost too good to be true, future so bright he had to wear shades, even before it was a song. Then the baseless allegations and why we never say his last name. Who knows what went wrong under that house in the crawl space? It was a sad ending, but you can go there now, it's just a different house and a different address. When it comes to Chicago, even Norwood Park has stories to tell. Pleased to meet you, hope you guess his name!