Monday, March 25, 2013

We're Not Living in the Union of American Socialist Republics

I truly believe that the right-wing is nothing but a hotbed of willing ignorance, stupidity and sheer assery. While reading through the news this morning, a particular story caught my eye. A teacher in Marietta, GA thought it was a great idea to have their students write a paper noting the "comparisons" between President Obama and Vladimir Lenin/Josef Stalin (who aren't even comparable to each other) and how President Obama is apparently turning us all into freedom hating commies. Not wanting to leave students without the proper sources to research, the teacher also provided a list of places the students could go to "find" these comparisons. Not incidentally, all these ''sources'' were right-wing hack websites i.e. Fox News and the Drudge Report to name a few. After enough complaints, the teacher was given a tap on the wrist and the assignment rescinded.

The faux issue of President Obama 'being' a socialist is nothing new. Sarah Palin tried her best to use that as a wedge issue to send her and McCain to the White House in 2008, and, like everything Sarah Palin does, it failed. Why won't this issue go away? Why hasn't it been made blazingly apparent that in fact, the president isn't a communist/fascist/nazi/socialist yadda yadda? Because fear and manipulation are the favorite tools of the right-wing election puppet masters.

I think it's important that Americans finally crack open a book and took a peek at this whole socialism thing. If those on the other side of the aisle would educate themselves for 5 minutes, they'd see how President Obama is most certainly not a socialist, not even close. Oh, but he cares for the poor! And wants everyone to have health care! And wants corporations to pay their fair share! And people to have affordable housing! And CIVIL RIGHTS! Oh god, what ever will we do! I mean, honestly, if that's the right-wing's definition of a socialist, then hell, count me in. And honestly, if trying to portray the president as something he isn't is more important than feeding and clothing poor families, than your priorities suck and that's why you're losing elections and support.


  1. Well spoken and thought out!! But you have to remember Republicons only believe what the religious nutballs say on the radio.
    For example, my uncle still refuses to believe the repulicons in wisconsin voted to disband collective union barganing rights!! And he votes republicon and he's union!!!
    Says he doesn't need to look it up because the religious station he ONLY listens to would of said something.

    Hell, I still drive past the same nutball on the street corner wearing the obama with a hitler moustache every day!

  2. ummm...

    They aren't really losing elections -- they own wisconsin lock, stock, and barrel.

    Yeah, the gerrymandering was part of it and there is solid evidence of election fraud too -- no way Wisconsin swung MORE than 15 points from walker (june) to obama (nov) in a span of 5 months.

    Just sayin...

    But by hook or crook, they aren't losing elections and they are getting what they want at the national level with the house -- obstruct and blame obama.

    And the rest of the media, not just the wing-nut sites, are spreading the disinformation too.

  3. Meg. Independents and actual progressives are calling Obomba administration what it was and continues to be, kleptocratic corporate fascist tools. Your lack of understanding of what is going on with Barry and the Congress, and both sides of the isle is absolute. Nothing in your piece stands up to the reality of the situation.

    People by the thousands are still displaced in New York and New Orleans from two mega-storms. Barry and Harry and Nancy are the ones who keep arguing that we need to cut SS, Medicaid, Medicare. Did you miss the upward transfer of $17 Trillion of our common wealth to the 5 biggest banks for worthless paper CDS's and other schemes? You are missing absolutely everything most important to understand. You absolutely don't have a clue.

    Guess what, I am not a Republican nor am I a Democrat. I am offering some reading to bring you up to speed so you don't need to embarrass yourself in this realm of political discussion any time too soon, again.

    Maybe you were too young to have seen this one.

    Manufacturing excuses for our next war:

    Failing to care for the poor, a little economic insight:

    Borrowing a word from another source, it appears to me you are still shooting up a bit too much Hopium. Hard habit for some people to break. So please take out the apparent intro-venous, turn off the drip feed of the corporate owned media and have a look, share with your friends or it is too freaking late for all of us.

    1. Sorry, I stopped reading your rambling after you called Obama a 'fascist.' I figured the rest of what you wrote was as ridiculous and angry so it wasn't worth the energy.

      From what I did bother to read, your lack of political understanding is akin to that of a lower intelligence Teabagger. That's not what America needs right now.

      I'm sorry you woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning. I'm glad you designated me your verbal punching bag. Huzzah.

    2. I could not agree with nonquixote more.
      So what names you gonna call me?

    3. I didn't ask you to like me, but, I don't know of any teabaggers that put in 300 hours on the ground, door to door, and phoning and volunteering with a county organization trying to recall Walker.

      I called you on the "facts," you claim are reality and offered other peoples' views and proofs to counter them. That your tunnel thinking prevents you from a couple of simple copy and pastes and maybe 15 minutes of reading confirms my first reading of your seeming naivety and/or plain blind tribalism.

      My offerings explaining the reality of an administration and situation that flies in the face of your personal fictitious beliefs, neither makes me angry nor wrong. Name calling and derogatory remarks about someone makes it easy to ignore facts, doesn't it? Doing what you claim those Republicans are doing, in your piece above, is fittingly hypocritical. How you were even allowed to post this piece, and your petty response, without prior moderation, I am unsure, but it is not my blog.

    4. Cool. And I bet the recall is the first time you've been political? cute. I've been at politics since I was 11. I'm now 25.

      Your insults and attempts to degrade me and my writing goes in one ear and right out the other. No one is forcing you to like Obama and I'm really no further interested in anything you have to say (not to suggest I ever was.)

    5. Refusal to review evidence? All I am saying is that your irrational beliefs about Oilbomber are simply that, irrational beliefs. Cite any evidence to support the claims you made in your diary, don't shift the focus about whether or not I like Barry, that is immaterial to the initial criticism disagreeing with you about who he is and what he does as POTUS. Obama's pick for Energy Secretary, Mr Environment? I doubt it.

      Oh, and on food safety, keep an eye on your Saint Barry, please, the Democratic Senators refused to chuck the Monsanto rider inserted by lobbyists into the Budget Continuing Resolution. Will corporate campaign donations or we the people win this one, Meg? If it is not too much trouble to look at.

      Facts can sometimes be very destructive to beliefs.

    6. Meg,

      You got a lot to learn.

      I have learned to stay away from your writings.

      Good luck on the next 25 years. The first 25 look like they were dazed and confused with a lot of me, me, me sprinkled in there.

  4. Obamacare isn't socialism. It was designed by the Heritage Foundation. Americans are just stupid. They'll believe anything they're told. See Iraq.

    1. It isn't, so I'm not entirely sure why the GOP continues to claim it to be.