Friday, March 29, 2013

Gun Nuts

By Jeff Simpson

If someone ever asks you what "Gun nuts" look like.  Here are two examples!

1.  The Obama Victory in November(2008), so enraged a "responsible" gun owner, they he had his son pose for pictures with his rifle.  Then the fun began:

"While we were waiting, Julie(shawns wife) stood and spoke to us stating, Shawn has not been the same person since President Obama was elected. She stated he is obsessed with gun control, owning weapons and his right to bear arms," an officer wrote in the police report, obtained Tuesday by the Daily News. "Julie seemed embarrassed at her husband's behavior, however, she did not seem surprised."
Moore made national headlines last week after it was reported that someone saw a picture on Facebook of his son holding the military-looking .22-caliber rifle he received for his 11th birthday and called both police and New Jersey's Division of Children and Families. Moore wrote about the incident on an online firearms forum afterward, and the story went national after Glenn Beck's conservative news site, The Blaze, picked it up.
The police report said the anonymous caller had expressed other concerns as well, claiming that Julie Moore instructed her son to shoot "anyone who breaks in to their home" and that Shawn Moore had "issues with alcohol" and multiple DUI offenses.
When Moore got home, police said he smelled of alcohol and he definitely had an issue with officers and DCF workers being there. Moore had spoken with noted firearms attorney Evan Nappen on the phone before he arrived and immediately asked the officers and DCF workers to leave.

Who knew that Glenn beck would lead someone astray?  

2.  In Indianapolis, IN, a local peaceful chapter of Moms Demand Action(in favor of limiting theaccess to military assault rifles and requiring background checks) had a rally.  Guess who showed up(hint rhymes with fun buts):

Several men with assault rifles and hand guns crashed a Mayor’s Against Illegal Guns National Day to Demand Action event in Indianapolis, Indiana on Thursday and stood silently as the state chapter of Moms Demand Action held a rally in favor of limiting the availability of military style weapons and universal background checks.
At least two or three men showed up at the rally site before the event began and engaged in a discussion about gun regulations with the group, two participants in the action told ThinkProgress. The armed men — who were later joined by another man carrying a hand gun and a woman who runs Indiana Moms Against Gun Control — insisted that they had a right to carry the loaded weapons:


  1. Prominent Utah gun lobbyist Clark Aposhian, chairman of the Utah Shooting Sports Council, had an AR-15 stolen from his car. He simply had it in his backseat parked outside his home.

    Since the AR-15 was taken by a thief, we have yet another example of a gun nut providing a semi-automatic weapon to criminals.

  2. I saw that after I posted the story. It will be curious to see if the local MSM track this AR-15 and see exactly where it ends up.